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Was it that. Just explain the background to this because it was all about a Panorama programme that John Warr presented him researched in July last year mall about antisemitism in the Labor Party and it. We really was quite formidable program, and they had I think seven different acts. Labor Party employees who went on camera. on yet, but basically spilled the beans and Jeremy Corbyn. thought it was outrageous and was criticizing John Ware and political. Baya's goodness knows war. What happened then? So you're right. These seven people who had been involved in the parts of the Labor Party machine that were responsible for investing complaints all had been. Before the Panorama programme went out the Labor Party briefed the press and I. Think Actually is statements that essentially said that these seven people were acting maliciously. They were laying variety of other things. What then happened was the seven people took an action against the Labor Party for defamation on the basis of what they'd been called. That's what the case was. That was being heard, but the Labor Party decided SEWRI. Labor Party under new management. decided that they would settle the case. They've paid a six figure Some in settlement, and they have done an extremely apologetic. statements retracting the things that have been said, apologizing for the way in which these staff members had been treated. The other interesting fly in the ointment was that they were there was action to try to stop the Labor Party doing this apparently taken by Jimmy. formby former general secretary, shameless mill, former, right hand person of Jeremy Corbyn and I think Jeremy Corbyn himself funded by unite to say you're not allowed to settle, and you're not allowed to apologize obviously, because what settling apologizing does he says that lot, but we're in charge. Last year were outrageous in the things that they said. Said about you, which is essentially what the an Jeremy Corbyn subsequently done a statement in which he said. This is not a legal decision. This is a political decision. Well, I think it's probably both, but what it is is a decent decision. Because these were people who were absolutely traduced by the then leadership of the Labour Party, and that's why they defamation case, and it shows a massive change in the leadership of the Labour party that they wanted to settle this an apologize for the way in which people whistleblowers about Anti Semitism were treated by the Labor Party leadership. Are you sitting down? Why are you interested in what my bottom is doing? was consigned always interested in what you will, but I'm actually not going because I, really not. This, I'm interested in your immediate reaction to this. Garden journalist. All's category has just tweeted this breaking. I am told that journalists John is planning to see Jeremy Corbyn. CACKLE! I wonder whether you'd be contributing to his support funds. Oh goodness do that is whoa. I will be able to find the same thing. I don't think John. Wear was in these in these seven..

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