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Russia. Yeah. And I think that was that was smart that we've backed out of that too. Senator smith. Respond. The problem with that treaty. Is that this been widely known for years that the Russians were not completely abiding by that treaty? The question that we have to ask ourselves is when we back away from these multi we back away from these agreements and understand with other countries. Do we enhance our leverage to get the kind of result that we want or do we lose our leverage to get the kind of result that we want this is I think the point of the Iran Iran deal Israel is vitally important and special relationship that we have in in the Middle East and extremely important relationship. And we want we need for Israel to be able to defend itself and our most important strategic partner, I would say in the Middle East. But the question is is it more likely or less likely that Iran develop nuclear weapons, if we are in the deal or out of the deal. This is something that reasonable people can discuss can disagree. That's my assessment that it is more likely. They would go forward. And it's also important to remember that though the United States has backed out of this deal with Iran that other partner countries have not backed away from it, and they continue to be in agreement with Iran around this. So it remains to be seen what will happen in the coming days. The White House is going to be deciding whether they impose significant sanctions on these countries if they continue to do work and do business with Iran, and there's there's a lot of these are these are very important discussions that require. I think a lot of a lot of thinking. As a reminder to our listeners. You're listening to the US Senate debate between US Senator Gina Smith and state Senator Karin Housley now, let's turn our attention to another issue. That's more domestic in this debate took place last week. You're listening to it on C span radio WCS PFM Washington. And the debate comes to us, courtesy w. Keo guns and gun control starting with you. Senator Housley are there specific changes to the gun law that you would support including? Mandatory background checks. Enclosing the gun show the poll. And I think this is what a lot of people don't understand is. When you do buy a gun at a gun show from a licensed gun dealer. You do have to go through a background check. I went to three gun shows this summer and went up to every single gun dealer. And you do have to go through a background check and ends at in in all of the mass shootings that have happened in the last couple of years each one of those gun the shooters would have passed a background check. So that's that's not where the issue is the issue lies in mental health. And during my time in the state Senate. We we allocated eighty million dollars just this last year towards mental health is a huge issue here in Minnesota and in the United States in behind every Maschera a serious mental health issue. So I those those are two of the things, and then we always we have to keep our schools safe in our building safe. We also allocated money in the state Senate for that too. Because as a mother of four when you send your child to school or. To the synagogue, you wanna make sure that they're safe. So we had money allocated to make sure that our schools were safe..

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