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Day when i'm watching football if i see a guy jersey helmet i said he's an attorney or you know or he he turley ben that guy that guy turley i i unlike i like that that's a that's a good way to use it it's a good updated you know instead of using going postal which is a rather modern cliche we could say you know the guys guy lead berry i appreciate the call here is a tax that says i'm tired of hearing go blank yourself and i hear that one a lot well maybe that has to do with what you actually do if you would like to join us with your comment is there a phrase a cliche that we could update from the past is there a fraser cliche that you are just so tired of hearing you wish people would stop saying our numbers two six zero one eight seventy area code 5042601870 texas eight seventy here is a text that says i wouldn't do that for all the deflated footballs in tom brady's closet i'm screwed hang on we're coming right back with more of your comments after our cbs wwl news update cbs news special report there are fatalities in florida from a pedestrian bridge collapse at florida international university in miami here's our tv's rick full brand new bridge on the campus in west miami dade has collapsed killing several people and injuring many more we don't have exact numbers yet and of course in the early goings of these breaking news stories that kind of information is typically not not available with any kind of certain nine hundred fifty ton overpass was installed last saturday this woman adjust driven past the bridge as for survivors and was one of the construction workers who have been injured in a fall and he was pulled off to the side of the road he seemed a little delirious little confused congressman mario diaz balart it'd be a lot of questions to be answered the right now the most important thing is trying to save again save these people who are hopefully still alive cbs news special report i'm dave barrett wwl news time to thirty two i'm jim hanzel on your official weather station wwl am fm and dot com the man convicted.

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