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I just read to you. Those players must clear waivers first bengals plan to announce tomorrow a practice squad of up to sixteen guys. I think the standout names number one. Mike daniels. They brought him back this off season. And you know look they still have. Dj reader they brought in larry. Oaken jobe talked about josh to po. Who didn't play last year. The essential tyler. Shelving they're only going to keep any three techniques The michael jordan thing doesn't feel stunning to me because there was a report yesterday that accompanied the the billy price trade that they had also talked dealing michael jordan. They weren't going to keep five guards. Thad moss paul danger in a really good job of outlining this before. He was a guy who didn't play a lot of special teams. Lsu the third tight end job was probably gonna come down to who did a better job on special teams. That seemingly squeezed out that moss. Obviously he can still make this team on the practice squad or be a part of this organization on the practice squad polka williams junior. He's the guy who when the minicam and ota's all ended a lot of people said as training camp starts. Keep an eye out on him for how they use him how he might be able to help the team as a punt returner and that can still happen again. You can add them to the practice squad. Paul outline before. It's never really been easier to add players from the practice. They can still do that. Chris evans ascension here during training camp could have had something to do with what happened with with poker but that was the name that a lot of people. Pay attention to enlarge part. I think because his name puga but nonetheless he has been waived here on cut down day. So there you go. The battle of trenton irwin versus trent taylor. If you made it about those two players opposite each other goes to a trenton irwin. And there's still some things that can happen. I mean there's obviously now hundreds of players who have been waived so the bengals can make a claim bring a guy in and they have to make room for them so they've paired it down to fifty three. This doesn't necessarily mean the bengals finished trades can still happen outside. Acquisitions can still happen. And so there is eight. You're being very reasonable. If your guess is that the way the roster looks right now is not how. It's gonna look a week from today when the bengals turn the page and get to work on the minnesota vikings guests. That would be really a week from tomorrow but you get the point nonetheless so there you go. We'll let you know what else goes on. Throughout the afternoon. I did randy bullock cut by the lions the lions cut both kickers. Did i see i right before. We came back on right before the music hit. I believe i saw that. The lions cut both their kickers including randy bullock. Randy bullock is now free agent. Congratulations to him. Zan.

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