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And what are we get is now i want to make sure that we are on the same page here this is not nigerians in nigeria impostor note that this is name area and that's not use so they actually had a little little snippet at the end of the gear referred to the vast not you line is that right yeah now the so this is nine miria and they had a little explanation from weis in beni offered whom error at the end of the show la out that basically said that vat not you line is a reference back to when aria in season one was having the conversation with her father and her father was saying to her like oh you could become a princess in like we're pretty gowns liked so things in our area said that's not meet and so now here aria is and she sang to neria hey let's go to winter foul and bike be friends with everyone and like hang out and be domesticated and the mirrors you know what i'm i'm going to hang out with my pack and be like awesome you know wolf queen and so when she says that's not you that's aria recognizing that you know nigeria's basically taking the same path that she is strides cheese the killer she's she's all the huntress and i actually wondered like after we see kind of hop bye polling aria back to her she her humanity here i am giving you pie like the most civilized possible thing you're talking about browning your butter and like turning you nor to winner fell if now this nigeria seen as i can remind aria about those like feral side of herself she gives us be like you know what i'm heading south now actually yeah that's really interesting on a number of level so do you feel like that aria in this metaphor nigeria ends up going off i need to be with my pack does aria go out to try to track down her pack in who is it hot pine gap injury i don't know maybe her pack maybe her pack is you know the other starks right like i mean although then she is kind of going to like home and domestic kated life on.

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