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Cairo Radio News Center and my northwest com Seattle extends the ban on pandemic related evictions to September 30th. Fort Kenmore City Council did the same. This week, Chris Graves testified that landlords will get their money if the landlord suggest simply want to rent paid and there is nearly 165 million in rental assistance funds available. But others countered. Many landlords can't wait and are selling their rentals to cut their losses. Kirkland and some other local cities have also extended their eviction moratoriums to this fall. Governor Inslee says he will make an announcement before the end of the month about whether he will extend the state eviction ban. The memorial for Fallen officer Lexi Harris is growing. She died trying to help victims in a large car crash on the I five last Sunday night, she was hit by a driver, and afterwards her car was stolen. The community now responds. Cairo seven TVs. Alison Grandi has more look at all the flowers that people have brought here to honor officer. Lexi Harris. She was a bicycle bicycle officer who operated out of the West Precinct. And in fact, this is her bicycle. They put it on display here as a way to remember her service and honor what she did. And then over here, you can see they have these beautiful photographs of Officer Harris and even a wonder woman symbol. They say that she was a real life Wonder woman and she died protecting others. The man accused of stealing her car is to appear in court. The Northwest African American Museum in the city of Seattle Parks and Rec will present the Juneteenth Jamboree today from 12 to 6 P.m. at Judkins Park. Director of the Mean Museum in Isha de Bartoli, Um tells Cairo seven TV.

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