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To be done in the next day or two. I hope so. you can't go anywhere you cannot go anywhere you show up at DFW there's there's reporters waiting for you yeah we're gonna check in with Mike Taylor coming up at five forty see what he thinks is going to happen I think he gets done that before game one I don't think he plays a lot game one but I think it gets done yeah I mean there's rumblings they're going to hold a press conference today down something officials I'm okay with that name okay if he doesn't show up right now I am I just said I'm done with it I'm done with this whole let's wait for Zeke there he's got two years on his contract it's not like he's got one year that's usually when this happened yeah one year then you hold out he's got two years they don't have to do anything well looks like the cowboys are the you know Jerry may a blink first we'll see we'll find out he did black first and look Jerry said it's the best cowboys roster in thirty years they did super ball or nothing this year a look we all know that please job is on the line job is on the line he is in the last year of his contract does he make it through the whole season. well see on how they do when they got a favorable schedule to start with so they should be. do okay. should you okay it's time I mean really is it is a look I found some disturbing news out the other night we took the wife out to dinner me and my daughter and her boyfriend and I like this guy until I found out he's an eagles fan. I said I said really. really did you just admit that it say it out loud yeah yeah really so well what the hell I thought you were from here but he goes yeah but you know my everybody my family's cowboys fan so I wanted to be the contrary us man I you know I still like you manage all used to like you the dinner just went down yeah I was just floored. like all my garden in a course my wife with a big deal as yet is yeah this is god's calling over her. yeah and you know I I used to like that guy that my daughter was dating. that's hard man I mean I guess give me words can be read into it now it's not worse I hate vehicles. all right there coming up more on hurricane Dorian bandaged which did to the Bahamas I don't it's gonna take them forever to retire I don't know if they can get in there coming up. every day is a new day. turn on the radio. in the morning in the weather and traffic news radio twelve hundred..

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