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What i would look at those teams as my top six teams i would get the vikings the chiefs in the seahawks about it this would be lower there's hope for the world i throw put jump all and you both granted with logic that's great that's that's incredible maybe maybe we'll k if you've spent time making your point as opposed to spin it omitted to two minutes assuming what we felt you know what they say when you add silverstone innovative you didn't do that you would have known you built up ability that i'm on the right when i start assuming you're irrational most of the time nine out of ten times i'm walking down the right road let's iraq superman asset clock care what else silverman everyone question for years if they don't have is eke where do you had the cowboys well okay there are four teams in the nfl there are five teams in the nfl that i believe have a balanced team you guys are on the right track your name in the right one that means i think they have topfive defense in top ten at least top off into the top ten at least defense and that is the ones we all agree on that is pittsburgh probably number one in my estimation philadelphia number two new england at number three defenses imbalance their offense just so good we we keep them in the top five and then to show on not just something like pet project maximum not just a homer the rams at four and the cowboys at five and you're right steve crowder you learn head to head i tend to value headtohead but i do think deep down in my heart if they played again the cowboys would win i know that but i have to value what they did on the field already and is demanding here right new orleans belongs above kc seattle they've end the vikings they belong there balance i mean against all brand recognition new orleans has a defense this year now to answer your question molly without zeke yeah the cowboys are still in that same pat.

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