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Be your leader he's got a carleen over jason killer these cars are all those detail single fire down the backstretch kevin harvick will take a peek inside as they come down the back straightaway he's looking for that third place position now go side by side with tempete awas harbor to the inside pito on the outside inside line the place to be kevin harvick has got it he'll move fito up the banking the exit of turnover four takeover that number three position so move harvick to third feet or to fourth fifth is travis squabble vala by j solder phil parsons ashtonlewis and jeff purvis as the leader steve off turn to jason keller riding his tracks down the stretch and they broken away from those other two cars after harvick had gotten by tim feta they've lost about eight car links to your top two runners here the come off the corner daring three wide move off of turn to greg biff on the move don't to the inside of jamie mcmurray and kevin grubb greg bilas on the charge last lap posted in twenty fourth spot he still on the move mired in heavy traffic let's follow that battle now here's bitterly opens the inside lane he still under kevin grubb greg biff will take over that position in turnover one and he'll work his way right up on the back bumper now joe rodman he'll try to take that position down the backstretch ricky hendrick to be on the outside of joe rutland with gregg bill right behind him rudman moves five people now side by side with hendrick started thirty seventh at grech before he's picked up fourteen positions and he does not look like he's satisfied bethel still digging to inside punches a hold of alone on ricky hendrick he'll move up another spot as he hits turned on now john to make a move on joe rudman level to the bottom of the race track he'll work right up on the spoiler of joe rodman exit turn to nose detail both cars flied up the banking and go up against it outside retaining wall now greg diplomat crying outside at path that they had to turkey sidebyside greg dippled the sixty on the movies by rutland that come off the corner biff will slide up in line and he'll grab that spot one car on the move ashtonlewis this is the challenge for about the eighth spot now is louis opens the inside lane trying to bypass bill parsons louis we'll have to touch behind phil parsons but he's got a rear view mirror fall down that xray that's right that's elton sawyer right behind ashtonlewis union employer will take a peek to the inside but louis blocks that pass as they head to four or more time ashtonlewis down to the inside we'll make the challenge on phil parsons their wheeltowheel now in the battle for eighth position some close calls this last lap by for jeff purvis comes off of turnover four barely just misses scraping the outside wall purvis now running in the six position but a close call there for him as he slept the concrete coming into the trial whole jeff green continues to lead lap thirty four chason keller kevin harvick tim timpee and now purvis has rebounded after that slip a moment ago he is broken into the top five let's count it down to pit road jason toy standing by g need is a crew chief down here for j solder talking to his driver right now is out there out there on the track does he continues to slip back started on the poll finds himself right now seven jane what's your driver's saint about the car he slipped back a little bit right now we're tight hi need the crew chief talked about his driver far for j slaughter a little bit tight there on the track right now the try to hold off.

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