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No all there goes right into the alley oh off the wall air. Recovers it hurls. The cutoff man on a balanced throws at home. Not at time. Oh jeez just the ball off the wall. You're lucky that it hit the wall break to be honest with you. That ball very well could have gone over. Yeah wow still scored a run though. Yeah yep is zander. bogart's in fruit endeavors earlier. Get severino out of their twenty eight pitches and that's it. Oh my goodness well. It's all on the line now. The offense has got to wake up. We'll bring. I'll tell you this on the bright side when we do a world series game in a few weeks. It's not going to be a stressful. I'll be wrong. I'll be super calm. It won't be well did exactly. I might be calm. I won't be well. Let's say you won't be. You won't be this uptight about it. Let me just fine. It'll be great so this is no no not a stressed out stressed but i can't even get joke around. I'm just laying here all in a cast your cast. Oh man i'm forgotten here. You're sitting there like yeah. That's a good thing. The cubs are playing foot for. Oh so sorry. You're sports fan. I it oh and south. Okay so i gotta tell you story. I'm going to tell you this on the chat but When i was in the army i dumped my motorcycle and i don't know what happened. I was going thirty five miles an hour. I merged lanes like literally went from one lane to the next length. Nobody was around me. it was nothing on. I hit some weird spain. Slick thing i don't know and also fish tailing and i'm like. Oh no i know what to do. So i turn into the span and then boom and it goes down right and the engine compartment. The whole engine lands on my left foot and spins down the road. I'm not wearing a helmet i'm in. I'm in tennis shoes. I did have a jacket on sunday. Head combat role thing. Standup scared to death now. The first thing that runs through my mind is. I am not insured like the bike is.

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