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Right? These guys are like late thirties when they're fighting is stupid? Yeah. I mean, this is just boxing. I mean, you died. You dodge your primary contender for as long as you possibly can to build up the the revenue value of that fight. Then you fight and you hope for three. Right? I mean, this, which seen this model for year? Yeah, I it works. We buy it. We keep buying these things. So not buying another Mayweather Pacquiao I am not buying that. Never. That's going to be a disaster. That is just an awful idea, but people will buy it. They will the thing and it'll be a hundred bucks watch and it'll be some dope like me. That will have a bunch of neighbors over. I'll go. Well, only one of us this. Eighty five bucks eighty five. It was worth. It was worth it. It was a very entertaining fight was there was no downtime. In that fight there they were fighting yet. Bryan was at that fight. He was did. It was the ending was dramatic because. Nobody had it scored the same way. Right? Lampley and Kellerman and Roy Jones. They were all I don't know away max seem to favor Cannella because he felt he wanted the story of the fight. That was his this thing. Yeah, the story of the fund and then Roy Jones seem to favor canal a little bit, but wasn't surprised by triple g I saw on the LA Lampley was all over triple. Yeah, he was. I saw the times reported that, I guess out of like fourteen or fifteen reporters there that the majority of them had them had as draw again real. And then there were a couple of people favorite Cannella and then more people than in favor of triple j as opposed to Cannella. But the majority were dry. I think I think what it came down to if you were going to count the most landed punches that would be triple g the aggressor and probably the most power punches was canal. So the interesting part of all of this guys is that eights Sosa objective each judge in professional boxing. Is looking at it through their own personal prison and judges those fights. Also at the same table, they're in different different angry. Yeah, that plays a part in it too. And I on like in amateur, boxing, where you gotta score with the white of the gloves. I mean that that is a little more that's a little easier I think to judge per se. But when you're talking about professional boxing, the different angles and just everyone kind of Ewing differently, some people rewards the aggressor. Some people want the guy who punches more so and there's no, there's no set standard will lay right. You know, it's like you're right. It's it's sorta like I of the behold, right for sure. Really, no doubt. I waited until George human bring this up because I know you you've covered to Wayne Wade. He announced he's coming back for one more year. Thinking about some second greatest shooting guard ever behind Koby, maybe, well, Jordan, third behind Jordan, Jordan, I kind of put has put Jerry West. Is he a point guard or shooting guard if he's shooting. Guard? Dwayne, his fourth, that's a good question me. He's way too far. Jerry always. You're wearing your Lakers shirt today. I know it's so far back. You can't think that is as our blur fairly grasp. George. Like if Jordan played today, we would call him a wing, right? Yes, rather than a shooting guard and some people on Twitter would call him overrated Jordan. Yeah. So I think Koby clearly a shooting guard weighed clearly shooting, or where do you Jerry West? That's the question him and Gail gooders kind of split the point guard duties, like Ron Harper. Jordan did. Yeah. So I guess that decides he weighed never got a max max contra took less money, a ton of times to kind of build up the team. He did it with LeBron and then subsequently after five times by Mike count, he took less money. Wow. In his career, you see now he's at the end of his career. He's got titles and no, he's never getting that money back. More money than I mean, he's made a hundred and ninety nine point five million dollars you as a professional basketball player. If you can't turn that into a life, Hollywood starlet as a wife. There you go. I mean, that's this. This is increasingly sacrificing, I mean, sacrificing leaving money on the table for an NBA guy who's who's in the hundreds of millions, not that big a deal..

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