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Was. It was like this is what I WANNA do this. Would you know what to do and? Yet at the rest is history. That's. I mean. I'm very I've just having a moment just reflecting on How are passing cross? You know in in these ways enlightening, bring Larry and stuff, and like all the craziness of life in Prevention Institute essentially couple years older than you by essentially babies like really working on a on a very big trajectory that we had no idea what was about to happen, but it's I feel really I don't mean it patronizing me just so proud of you. That's audible and. It's not a small undertaking I mean like. Any any endeavor, especially dream because there's a lot of layers to that because I think be these big visions that we can have, I can feel very like. Larger than life, but like you actually went out and did it so i. just really proud of you. That's amazing and I. Think for me. I feel a certain level of. Enlightenment, just having been around like my brother right learning about the legal system learning about literally just learning how things work right and part of the reason why unite connected because we're in this really crazy time with the black lives matter movement with with you know our our shared passion for Social Justice in general, which is what brought us to cross paths in. All those years ago, but I think you know. This is not to disparage anybody or to talk down. It's just like I'm just as a grown woman. I'm learning more and more every day. How much I don't know about. What I don't know you know there's. So many systems. That operate in this in these different universes that I have not enough knowledge about right, and it only becomes relevant at certain times, and then you're just like oh my. God, I had no idea. It works this way I say that about lots of different things that are now hopefully going to be put into work that I can write make films and write stories about, but right now. Just this Mona reflection. I think there's a lot of awakening happening to. Social Justice, is a mole. The systems the broken system. What if that's you know? Someone's perspective is my perspective. the the groundwork was laid to build system how they were unlike. Is Ju- I just feel like I'm learning something every frigging day. It's a bit overwhelming, but what brought us together to like? Talk about this was to see. A lot of the universe that were currently living in where there's a lot of feelings in a lot of like you just mentioned at the top of the episode Trauma but to see it through your lens into understand. The complexities like honestly let's just like Star I. WanNa Learn. I mean right now I want to keep that mode forever I. WanNa learn and understand, and I feel like what better way than to understand from the source from the person that's in the courtroom. That's dealing with you know defendants right like. How can you just okay just treat me like I'm a five year old? Because I think that's the best have to go about this conversation. Well I Exist. Who Am I quiet? So, You know the the constitution. guarantees all. Access to counsel you know, and it's A. It started I forget. The year was longtime ago. Like fifty I should know this people are going to be ashamed of me. Nineteen, fifty four or something getting wainwright established a right to counsel in all criminal cases, and I. Mean You just briefly tell you about the case? Basically, this Guy Gideon uneducated He got accused of you. Know burglarizing this this bar and they. They arrested him. They charge them he you know. He represented self. and he lost A case eventually went to court It was found on appeal..

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