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For season. When do it's an all exclusive football podcast ladies and gentlemen first of all before i get into anything that happened from the weekend or that is going to take place in the few <hes> coming days. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at hop. Hop put for the tremendous efforts in promoting the spark cast and making it reach where it has and <hes> you know <hes> especially obliged to everyone <hes> in dutch. Thank you so much for the messages. Thank you so much for the motivation and thank you so much for <hes> the continued support you make us who we are and we would love do this for the next nine months the next nine months and the next dealer and the next year and the coming decade and so on it's going to be one hell of a time but let's focus on what happened in the weekend and it was a weekend of supercups by the way where borussia dortmund beat buying munich to nil and g. one the french supercup to one beating rain and <hes> the big one from them community. She'll <hes> many debate it as mickey mouse shield and many call it a trophy. Let's not get anything <hes> and let's get straight to facts the first trophy of the season one by manchester city beating liverpool do one yes liverpool jurgen klopp liverpool won a game of two halves and an exciting game of two halves by the way because <hes> man city you were all over liverpool in the first half except for a few chances that satellite could not capitalize on me no could have taken but <hes> little bullet came back stronger in the second half and to that <hes> the also made sure that they won the game only for that insane walker clearance at the debt will <hes> to be very honest. Let's take you through or you off. Liverpool was his manchester city manchester city at the end bev guardiola lifting the first brophy off the season. That's the community shield and <hes> this was easily at anticipated as <hes> a breathtaking encounter because you've seen for the last season what these teams have reached their heights the peaks reached and it was no short of that yes the quality at times dropped but hey it was end to end and it was amazing to see that kind of a match up well <hes> highly anticipated baited encountering owning the quality of buddha teams who are often set to the two best in the world period that certainly short on the pitch as a you know that was a high octane flow of the game and that which was seen in the worst damage and <hes> <hes> to manchester city's at one stage <hes> signing was was injured after trend alexander arnold deci- <hes> appear to have brought him down and that led to who <hes> be getting treated on the sideline which threat to manchester city freaky taken quickly and <hes> put in the area <hes> slicked by david silva and hand finished by ryan sterling alison could have done better anyone could have done better but <hes> it's one of those days where you know <hes> it has has to be that way. It went beneath allison and ryan stolen scoring one against his former side. You know how bad blood that is. Between between lewellen manchester city <hes> ryan stolen and manchester city well the second half saw that it started brightly however after van dyke shot which was not entirely on side of the goal line and silent short which was denied by the post the goal came from liverpool when a freekick was delivered diagnose wendy who lobbied automatic at the far post and cameroonian international mid nausea made no hesitation putting it boss claudio bravo one one bang game on on an informed the we are in for a very novi finally twenty minutes then and <hes> that he'll say could can consider themselves lucky that that saleh effort was kept out unbelievably by the acrobatic guile and that was a last-ditch challenge. I've i haven't seen many better than those. I've seen clearances like those but not many better and that was <hes> on point which kept manchester city the in the game and that took the match into penalties and from there onwards was just a genie album whose penalty was saved by claudio but our manchester manchester city winning five four on aggregate yeah on penalties and clinching the first trophy of the she <hes> season winners of the community shield two thousand in nineteen well if those ninety minutes didn't give you a summary of the entire season a are you are in for a rollercoaster this starting this weekend because the premier league is back ladies and gentlemen. The best league in the world is back. You know you any of you listening by now would want me to take a pause but that's how excited i am for the season and <hes> do just bring this up. As many of them requested <hes> we will have another episode on thursday which will be <hes> one of the episodes that will round up all transfer business that has been done by the club's well. I know you're eager to hear. Many of the names lists name of few paddy maguire completed deal big money me signing to manchester united atom bassac to man united well politics has moved has fallen apart and neither will lukaku go on the other side to you renter's arsenal surprising everyone with the sensational seventy three billion euro capture of nicholas peppy a much-needed winger and much-needed rid in the arsenal team so william saliba donnie so bios is a very good <hes> option for <hes> arsenal who has joined on loan. I'm from madrid manchester. City have added rodri- athleti defensive midfielder who's doing the work of sergio biscuits and flynn and dino for that matter in this season and he's willing to be awake cog in <hes> at pep guardiola's side coming in big matches and obviously in the big big big nights in the champions league and stuff and not to mention liepa will have been quiet in the transfer business but they've gone about quietly. They've gone about quietly doing doing their work. In the previous stance windows. No one can forget the two sensational signings alison van dyke will at one fifty million coutihno money <hes> chelsea eh <hes> being banned this stance window but they've already pulled out their transfer the rabbit out of the hat and they have signed christian pulisic assist with designed back in <hes> jan. He now joins the team. Also frank lampard is the new chelsea boss will exciting dame's for chelsea fans if this falls into place there and you know as a as a man who's given his heart for chelsea. Frank lombardo is only going to make things he's better. If narped was <hes> the other sites yeah tottenham hotspur ordinal hart's put a ceiling n. dumbly for sixty five million los also also touted to be there next signing and maybe they might chip in for bruno fernandez as well as you can hear me say i'm doing a lot of ifs and buts in the signings that might take place and you know it's always a peak-time minutes deadline so like i said that they're lined is eight august. Which is this wednesday this day and that means thursday morning i._s._d. In india and we promise you that we will give you every transfer that has taken place in the top five leagues in europe and some significant results as well so let's get on with the second matches well b._b._b. Verses verses buying munich attornal win for bob arusha dortmund much needed win or their peak rivals and that begins another stella's where we could see buying munich borussia dortmund go toe to toe for the german <hes> when this league title you all know how heartbreaking it was darkman surrendering a nine point lead to buy in munich and mine winnie going on to win six go uh-huh you could do seven ghanzi could do bob moon this league titles in a row well. It was <hes> a simple. It was a crazy crazy lineup from both sides juden sancho and much predictable one. If i got the words wrong there <hes> alcazar citing in the number nine position russian behind him mcelroy on the right jaden sancho and rafael guerrero whistle n._y._u. In holding field roll top rack made his debut for dortmund when you have manual candy lucas piece check and nickel shoes who started for rodman and yeah maureen hits in goal <hes> which meant there are that it all it was a full screen dortmund's iran you had kings comb on malaria and lemon dusky as the fun three for buying gold let scott alcantara totally show in the mid and the state much table back lane of gingrich alibaba jerem voting and nicholas soula and the episode reliable manual noyer in goal dooney document <hes> both goals scored in the second half and a lot of <hes> a a brain fart moments in defense there but somehow be be matt ryan managing to keep a clean sheet debt that might be eh one of the reasons we're lucian father has to work on his side's defence there and there was some lashes defending but they got it done and you know it's there were two enough for a site bling binding because even a one goal lead can disappear as long as five minutes minhaj. We all know what happened with bremen. We all know what happened. In the <hes> was wolves book when barloon dusky scored five goals in a matter of nine minutes and and <hes> jalen central got the job done then in the sixty ninth minute <hes> a much needed a breath of fresh air borussia dortmund they've gone about and done their <unk> transfer business early and not to mention <hes> christian pulisic who left for chelsea <hes> they have quickly gone on on and replaced him with the likes off. They got julian brandt. They've also <hes> made sure aww that <hes> they were target has if i'm not mistaken and <hes> they have also or they have also got manual a candy there what mama dow their todd someone has idea delaney shinji kagawa accelerate sel <hes> wednesday is not too far guy and we will make a detailed list of everything's that going to <hes> take place for thomas. Let's move onto the torch. Supercup dart had thomas tickles men in action against raines. Remember rains winning a trophy last season the gupta france and p._s._g. Winning the league title the only thing they want let time <hes> <hes> had to do the tough way coming back from a gordon down in the first half. I am bob de maria on the scoresheet eight and some scenes there towards the end name as we all know is out and <hes> injured is back in training you know his heart is somewhere else me back to bacelona but only time will tell and kilian mbappe re literally had to pull him over for the celebrations relations. That's that's the state <hes> off. <hes> nehmad by only time tells us whether he moved onto barcelona or not so obviously the winners of the supercup b._b._d._o. Winners of the german supercop manchester city winner of the community she'll which aka the english supercup as they say the reno's of the primarily the f._a. Cup clash against each other bart since pretty when both the team that comes second in the premier league then contests. What's that position so <hes> all in all the fun weekend but it's going to get bigger and not to forget to just a heads up. It's a friday united game in london which means it's a saturday early morning <hes> game in <hes>.

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