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What's going on? Our citizens crime is down in every major category. In the city Star City announced crime stats for two thousand eighteen this morning. He says homicide is down more than eight percent percent. Rape is down. More than twelve percent. Gang crimes are down. Eight percent in property. Crime is down two percent. The mayor credited an increased diversity of officers and more boots on the ground for the drop in crime police chief Michael Moore says this is one of the safest times to live in Los Angeles in all of history news brought to you by almond poor breathe easy. A college student from Rosemead has been killed in a hit and run crash in Redondo beach. The twenty one year old was hit in a crosswalk Saturday night by a black Audi SUV, the SUV stopped briefly before driving off Angelina Pinedo sister told KTLA her sister had a kind heart and would likely forgive the driver. But all my family wants right now is for them to come forward. And do the raping police say the SUV we'll have damage to the front windshield and hood someone caught the first three letters of the license plate seven m b. Former garden grove fire chief Tom Schultz has died of pancreatic and liver cancer Schultz took over the garden grove fire department in two thousand fifteen after decades of service in Fullerton and brea, he will be remembered for passing along his expertise to candidates in the Santa Ana college basic fire academy Schultz was fifty four. A new government report says the US budget deficit is set to hit eight hundred ninety seven billion dollars this year. They Congressional Budget Office report also predicts economic growth will slow as the effects of President Trump's tax cut on business investments begin to drop off. The report also says the partial government shutdown that ended Friday will negatively impact the economy today marks the thirty third anniversary of the space shuttle challenger explosion the spacecraft blew up seconds after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center, all seven crew members were killed the US postal service is honoring entertainer, Gregory Hines with a stamp as part of the black heritage series. The Tony award winner was known for his unique style of tap dancing. Eat out of cancer in two thousand three when he was fifty seven the forever stamp features Hines smiling on one knee with one foot raised to show the taps on his shoes..

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