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Hello and welcome to the splash on Henry Schulman the giants beat reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and my guest is ESPN radio and television announcer Dan Schulman no relation although I liked to tell folks he's my Canadian Hasn. On. Saturday night Dan called the incredible ending to game four of the world series when the Tampa Bay rays down to their last strike came back to beat the dodgers eight seven on that crazy once in a lifetime play. Brett Philip singled home the tying run and randy on a, and I've scored the walk off winner on airs by dodger, centerfielder Chris Taylor, and Catcher Will Smith. Dance thrilling call would have been difficult to achieve even if he had been at Globe Whitefield in Texas to see it in person but he wasn't, we'll talk about that and much more with Dan, Lewis called baseball and college basketball on ESPN for a quarter century as well as being the current voice of the Toronto. Blue Jays. Well Hello, Dan Talking to me from Bristol Connecticut how you doing I'm doing well Henry. Are you keeping? On. I'm doing I'm doing well Fine I just wanted to just check on the you're at the ESPN or you're working out of the ESPN headquarters it they don't really have a lot of mascots running around and athletes in full uniform desks take naps, space. Do they that's no. No prior to this month. I have spent remarkably little time on campus as they say it in Connecticut I have not seen any mascots. I don't think mascots qualify as essential services during a pen I tell you I can dirtier. All right. Well, I guess we should ask first of all Well, I mean, let's go back to that. You are the play by play announcer on TV for the Toronto Blue Jays and they've made it into the first round of the playoffs. So I take it you did the Blue Jays Games in that round and were you there in person no I actually did not do the Blue Jays Games in that round. So jays games all season from a studio in Toronto the. Jays play their home games in Buffalo, but due to the border restrictions if I crossed, I couldn't come back when they went on the road. So we did all sixty from Toronto but then I kinda got caught in a little pickle gas The Blue Jays normally do not do their own broadcasts of playoff games they normally pick up the US feeds, but this year got permission for whatever reason I think because just.

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