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And I actually thought last night was perfect the way magic resigned. It's the way he ran the Lakers off the cuff unprepared rambling making it up day to day through the media. He's beloved he's universally liked. He's a really really nice guy and today, he'll get mostly a soft landing because he's magic he's hard to not like you cannot like m j or Kobe's intensity or LeBron's ego. Lot of stars. You cannot like magic impossible to not like medium once you like him. Lights up a room. But yesterday, what magic did let's be honest. It was embarrassing, and it was on professional, and it was kind of it was just a rambling incoherent mess of stuff. And that's how he ran the Lakers. They didn't tell his boss Jeanie Buss. Didn't tell rob Pelinka didn't tell the Braun. Lebron's people. Didn't tell anybody didn't tell the PR person they were all scrambling to catch up. Well, colony magic Scott allot of he's distracted. He's got a lot. Then don't take the job. No excuses on it mirrors. They still work. Don't take the job. If you're not ready to commit I thought actually when I watch this. It was a perfect way. For magic to resign. The way ran the team just kinda rambling not really buttoned up not fully committed not detailed. It just felt like the same reason. They didn't work as a head coach a late night talk show host team president you got to be fully committed. I say this about comedy all the.

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