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Install safety netting at wrigley in guaranteed rate field the sometimes michael snead this morning says alderman edberg wants to amend the city municipal code to require installation of protective netting at the ballparks this comes after foul balls of ventured a number of fans at ballparks nationwide earlier this month you might remember a ball injured a two year old girl at yankee stadium in new york in the state of michigan the director of the michigan state police is in hot water after she shared a facebook post that called some nfl players anti american degenerates a spokeswoman for the state police in michigan says that the colonel christie kibi utsa we'll be treated the same as any other state police employee accused of misconduct chicago police engaging in a gunbattle this morning or last night with two people in the humble park neighborhood this happened in the 1300 block of north hamlin no one was hit by the shots nobody was arrested cook county board member richard boy can has decided not to run against cook county board president tony prick wankle blake in a big critic of practical and the unpopular sweetened beverage tax the she pushed through the county board but now he says that his political mentor congressman danny davis advised him not to challenge crack waco so that he does not so division between democrats wls news time nine ovalles it's time for us to check traffic your wls inbound edens right now is seventeen minutes lake cook to.

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