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For the New Yorker radio hour with Claire mccaskill departing democrat from Missouri. She made that same point she said, you should hear how they talk about Trump in the Republican cook grim and among her colleagues, and if there is an opportunity for them to successfully dump Trump, I think there are many who would join, but the flip side to that though is that. The estan issuing imperviousness of Trump's political base to any new or damning evidence against him. Even as piles up at the beginning of twenty eighteen the Gallup survey found that Trump had thirty nine percent approval rating at the end of December twenty eighteen after all the transpired in twenty eighteen Trump's approval rating was thirty nine percent. It was as if nothing had happened. When talking about Trump, we often of oak, Richard Nixon and one of the turning points in Watergate was when Nixon's Republican allies in congress turned on him. So remind us what that looked like at the time what it took for that popular president to suddenly be in bed odor. And then ushered out of the presidency. You know, one of the first things I did when Trump was elected as I went back, and I reread Elizabeth Druce coverage for the New Yorker, a collected in a book Washington journal of that culminating Watergate year, and one of the things is that history seemed a lot more clear and inevitable in hindsight. And for me, I was really struck by the fact that you know, she was interviewing Republican members of the House Judiciary committee, literally twenty four hours before the crucial vote on articles of impeachment in the House Judiciary committee and many of them. Are still uncertain. Exactly how they would vote and how vote would turn out now. Of course, we know in hindsight that they all held hands essentially and jumped together and most of them did vote for these articles of impeachment. And that in the end is what triggered the March of the Republican leaders up to president Nixon at the White House and telling him as Hugh Scott minority leader, Barry Goldwater another's. Did was that the time had come for him to resign? He could not survive these votes on Capitol Hill. So they weren't leading the way you could argue. But in fact, we're the sign that the very end had come. They were lagging indicator of president Nixon's feet. And I think in history has been kinder to them perhaps than it should be..

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