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CBO six eighty I personally here with you from now until nine this morning by the way I did a little research for me two seconds here hang our food Jess is so that we know and for our friends stored up in Connecticut emailed him one of the recent reporting periods on homicides and this is out of Kentucky a county call Leslie county which is very heavily appellation says that other cars usually stop from the courthouse the only people across the street for sure some of the friendliest and most courteous around and like a lot of folks in eastern Kentucky they think they can act a little more civilized people big servicer there right with one rather notable exception their per capita homicide rate in this recent reporting period is higher than New York City higher than Baltimore higher than Chicago higher than Los Angeles review by the Lexington Herald leader founder Leslie in the nine and neighboring appellation counties in southeastern Kentucky at a higher homicide rate than many major US cities but Donald Wolfen Perry carries rather at homicide rates of twenty four and twenty one ours are twenty four point two in twenty one point six for everyone hundred thousand people that's clearly higher than Philadelphia New York it's about the same as in Chicago with a less than us play worth hit Ousley counties have ranges rating from twenty one to eighteen point six for it a one hundred thousand people in her own county Estel knocks and we fifteen for every hundred thousand I'm not real surprising hi Ron ellers a professor of history at the university of Kentucky he says that issue Kentucky maybe world it has problems high unemployment poor schools our living conditions are very similar to those in urban areas with the additional impact of fatherless families we see the spike in homicides because there is no adult male role model if they can be used to guide young boys becoming men and of course just as happens so here in Baltimore a majority of the mountain killings of methylation occur among friends neighbors and can you tend to go around burning people you don't know by and large they end up burning people they do know Perry's come off attorney guys one of his job for quite some time since I can count on one hand the number of homicides I've seen that have not involved drugs or drinking same problems here the same problems the county sheriff out there says unemployment violence work like a see saw in the mountains when jobs go down killings go up we're gonna press for the future of the start arguments and the kill each over over nothing second set of a factory a bill to cut crime right now half usually Kentucky has been one of the poorest parts of rural America for decades many of the mountain accounting of the highest per capita murder rates have the lowest per capita income again there's another relationship between appellation number because all of all of our city there you have it okay there you have it so please I understand that we want to maintain the image somehow that the other is doing this is just those black people in the city killing each other this is a black problem though it is not there is a family problem it's a culture problem and I will stress that as often as I can until somebody actually begins to address the issue with the seriousness that it deserves I would have a Rick Davis great guy friend of mine is also the owner and operator of the American bullion center tomorrow even wants to buy your old and antique gold jewelry as state diamonds quite collections old currency sterling silver items sets of flatware and haul.

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