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And they voted again they voted a third time and now today they're really going to vote with votto rama whatever the hell bat is so statement that you're just make their up it's they're they're all thrown it around like it's a real term interests think so three things number one knup date on a story that we mentioned earlier this is absolutely hilarious this is such a great deal with straight shen of media bias i'm debbie wasserman schultz her felonious aid the awan family a bunch of members of this family were hired is i t professionals by wasserman schultz and other democrats a lot of men are under indictment the one just got arrested trying to flee the country uh there're is the multiple investigations third blackmail stealing taxpayer money real estate fraud all sorts of stuff and i wish i had time to laid out in more detail if you're just hearing about this because it's really really interesting in debbie wasserman schultz acting very very the oddly iin defensively now these people are on all sorts of different indictments and they're being investigated by the feds at center at center and debbie wasserman schultz had this guy honor staff the was just arrested trying to flee the country at the airport she had him on her staff until tuesday either no the it's been increasingly clear that this whole families up to serious nasty hijinks while the ap this morning said representative debbie wasserman schultz has fired and information technology staffer following his arrest on a bank fraud charges virginia report when he was attempting to fly to pakistan it's interesting if you look at more conservative news they point out that this guy he's obviously been a felon and his brothers and sisters is many of whom have already fled the country the fact that he was on the payroll until tuesday even though is an it guy he was banned from the house network because he was under investigation debbie wasserman schultz was still paying him his huge salary of tax memory until tuesday we'll see where they swing comes out his lawyer by the way says the the the one charge the federal bank fraud count stems from a modest real estate manner in his motivated by antimuslim bigotry sheridan yes the explain this to.

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