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And what is it. Medo and my belief is that it's bits at the this proto dimensional bits at the quantum level that still make quantum mechanics. That's what thoughts are made of and the thoughts are nowhere and no one and everywhere and everyone in other words. They're outside space and time. Even quantum mechanics has to be outside. Space and time other wasn't tangled. Wouldn't work right. You can't have novel calendar if you're in space so that you're you're chuckling there but it's a super profound point. Explain back to your experiment that you're going to run their dog. it's hope. yeah that's where are those two entangled. Bits where where are are they. Where could they be potentially could be being really close together. Could they be really far apart. Doesn't even make sense to talk about them as being close together or far apart when they have this entangled property to them. Yeah well you're familiar with flat world right this notion that you only have two dimensions and not third dimension doesn't make any sense we're stuck in a three dimensional world. We have a hard time understanding. What four four dimensional thing but in a four dimensional object like he like an entangled bid is a four dimensional object that extra dimension is local to it. So it's it's hard for us to imagine. Four dimensional hyper cube. But there's some videos out there about if you take a four dimensional hyper cube. It looks like a cube nested within a cuban. Then you start rotating it and it like turns in on itself you know. We have a hard time imagining that. Or what if you thought that. The consciousness was a million dimensions. How do you think about it so one against one of my strengths. I can envision hyper dimensional spaces really. Well that's how. I'm able to do this without getting lost now. How can i use words to explain somebody who's caught in three dimensions how to do that do that. You have to do it with insight and mathematics and so some of the neural computing stuff. I talk about the correlation algorithm. Stuff that i talk about in their allows you to start using mathematics to look not only at quantum computing high dimensional space. But near how it's related to neural commuting. Those get you start thinking about hyper dimensional spaces those hyper dimensional spaces cannot exist in space and time. So what is the paradigm then. It's just like entangle bits. It's what's called space like convention which is facing exterme and it basically says these two points in our space.

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