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I think it's basically just like a stress relief in his point. It was sort of like all the all the build up of people who are fans. Wcw and telling you you're the reason it was like a weird scapegoat idea really w w had way too many problems way more problems. But it's like you represent that thing that i use to like and now with hated so i'm got to bless you wide open. I think about the whole thing would have probably been accepted a lot better if the film wasn't a massive slump in the face to anybody that liked wrestling kind of little bit like this movie. This say doesn't insult wrestling fans as much as ready to. let's finally. We have talked enough about about genuine wrestling. I think it's about time we actually try and attempt to actually talk about this movie now people now in order to talk about the movie realistically. You don't really need to know a lot about the plot. The plots kind of jumping around over the place realistically only need to know is rip rip played by hulk hogan he is the current wwf champion. Which is we're going to break down amendment. Wf champion and just doing his thing unfortunately then he has been forced into some winners positions. Bye bye bye. Brazil and a few other people as well in this in the world isn't well television network. Yeah the well television network so wtn And for some reason they really want hulk hogan or rip to be part of the tv sort of a as part of that network in some way or another. I'm not sure. I don't think these guys know how wrestling works. But then but so therefore they tried to say well. We can't have him. We're gonna try and find our own wrestling organization or something like that. Which leads into the introduction of zeus and so the whole matter the whole thing is just basically him and zoos screwing over with to try and find ways to get into a one on one match. The final match to prove who is the who is who's area in the battle of the tough guys which no offence is. The worst name were taught about the best in terms of a comedy way. Don't understand how wrestling works. When the having the means to get the start at the rival tv executives saying whenever rips on television will last in the time slot if you'll last in the time slot visit theft channels. Between year whatever's talk ripping being number one is not your number one. You'll networks crap basically never want to acknowledge that it's their fault that just rubbish making tv shows what they don't really mentioned what they're putting out when when they have the meetings. I oh what should we do. All we could do a game show. Oh we could do new primetime drama. They brel just like no. It's got to be wrestling. The that's what's number one at the might wind suppose fire off. They do show the brill's note really ruining tight ship. Here this girl. I'm told that rips word is his bond bond we get into these on. What is that. What i wanna know what. He's all due respect. Mr bro others have asked that question. He smashes the paperweights. Therapy your mealy mouth with all due respect for this network needs this network. Gets i promise you that it's about like the fact that rip is a little bit different to hogan He rolls a lot. Doesn't he like when you see like the character rib years. Entrance is this. I'll play this. Go on it's weird. He just cold rip. I mean this is like seventies hope to this point like incredible hoke. And what you're looking at during this noise is a close of him in silhouette shaking his face with sweat and guessing slow coming off like huge from turner and who and he's like backlit as well so everything is like the oldest spits ever is glowing by. That's my guy looks terrifying instead of like hulkamania so just do slide things example instead of doing that. And so the whole maniacs stuff like that. The crowd going rip. Rip rip ab- and there's a funny thing as well in the sequence this terrible dubbing. There's some really bad dubbing of hoax. Who doesn't even sound like he's todd. Your brother railroad rep rep like that. Sounds like in studio instead of the state and then even trying to cover that fact you can see his mouth going and something else is coming out. They throw in more lines when his head is turned. Because we're introduced to to randy and charlie. Yes if you've if you've ever watch west restless don't tend to bring that real life little brother and the coach with them in a boxing match gene. I don't know why this line tickled me because this is a very special relationship between repin randy going on jesse what that barajas again. This is when their parents died. Rip rip the k. Much mortar round. Even just a brother. Oh right that i. It was a very bruce. Wayne and dick grayson's sixty six feel to it slightly hobo erotic. Gio it was bizarre but as why would you bring your little brother with you. So of to the ring. I mean i stand in when we see late room. What happens to randy. It's why why you would just quite all. The whole thing is quite odd because just like we've kind of been mentioned for out so far is that it doesn't know whether wants to take it is wrestling or oh real sports and it's been like that the entire time so it's so in other words in a real sport like boxing matches or later on ufc. Yeah you'd have an entourage come with you into the ring and you do support thing and be like yeah. Whatever unless unless randy and charlie are both like official got manages licenses allowed this. This is the thing it wants to. And i know in real life. Vince mcmahon before taking a wrestling promoted boxing. Yes that was his big thing. So the treating to me to be treating the restless as boxes in terms of how they behave. They've got coaches. They've got private gyms an illness. The film moments makes a bit more sense if you come at it from that that thing but that eight that way but if you watching wrestling at that's not.

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