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Be somewhere around the mid to upper 50s maybe getting close to sixty degrees but the overall deal is that we're going to see some clouds start to come back as i mentioned earlier in the show so here's what's happening tomorrow's gonna step you through all of our regions here in the metro zone essentially from everett down there renton in puyallup everyone there i'm speaking somewhere in the mid 70s to the upper 70s now keep in mind there's going to be more clouds around then we've seen in a while that's going to put a damper on our high temperatures and we probably won't we're not going to be getting to 80s and especially not ninety so that's what's happening there in the southwest in over bremerton you're talking about seventy six degrees it will be a little bit warmer down around olympians sin trillion but still kinda hovering in that 70s range speaking of seventy that's what they'll have had been couvert for the rest of western washington long the strait of juan de fuca upper 60s to the low 70s now we've got upper 60s on the coast as well probably going gonna see some showers on the coast by tomorrow night yes it be coming in here's what's happening elsewhere around the region here in this central zone prime commute area knocked to the mid70s there too yes there will be some sunshine but to let the wait for a few clouds to get their here's what's happening up the mountain passes as you might imagine it's a movie i mentioned before the chance of some thunderstorms up there but overall temperatures will be in the '70s and east of the cascades in the nineties and in some cases the triple digits all right so tonight we're looking at 59 degrees or overnight lows the clouds are going to continue to build up tonight be around tomorrow some clouds and then some sunshine seventy seven not bad but definitely cooler than what we've been going through i've got your day outlook coming up in just a little bit stick around thank you steve while the winning mega millions numbers are chest hand the.

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