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The more complicated and controversial aspects of comprehensive immigration reform which we must address is about the children about the children alonso ranya read the law revealed rolla story goes like this i always remembered the day the tasca was announced it was june twelve two thousand twelve excuse me june fifteen two thousand twelve i was campaigning for retreat with friends students and colleagues from a seats those arts and activities collected a youth participation action research collective in salt lake city utah suessmuth at approximately ten a am the group took a break from the agenda which i intend to go back to the tend to check on my phone when a turn my phone back on i was taken aback by the number of text messages miss calls in voicemails abbas receiving buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz she writes the dream act was passed the dream act has passed shot a close friend of mine fellow dreamer in a voicemail i was excited yes confused by her words knowing at the time no dream bill was being debated in the us senator congress however as confuses i was i too was two adrenaline is that the possibility the dream act boss boxcar bill had made its way into becoming law after returning her call we shared our feelings of excitement a confusing confusing regarding the matter at hand bench inform me president barack obama would be making an announcement at any moment as soon as i hung up i read through a few more text messages call my man men outside the tent to inform them m a family about the news within minutes and you're just imagine the excitement they were out camping within minutes all in a participates crammed ourselves into two cars in little cottonwood canyon returned in the radio eager to listen to president obama announced the program.

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