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On iheartradio. Yeah. Enjoy the stimulation. Hey, upside down version of that. That's a joke on social media. You'll see it at Rush Limbaugh dot com. The it was it was they're claiming it was an accidental design and it had to be pulled. Regardless. I'm happy that we have the opportunity to demo this for you today, folks. Now, what was what was it? A Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is out there in addition bragging about winning the house. She is saying that subpoena power is a wonderful weapon that have in your quiver. It's a wonderful arrow to have in your quiver. Now. This is Representative illustrative of the fact that they believe everybody hates Trump the way they do. And that everybody wants to see Trump in jail charged with something frogmarched out of the White House. They want to see Trump investigated. They're already there's a story here in the in the week, which is a left wing oriented publication. How the Muller fairytale ends. There's two or three of these stories out there. Now, this is just the latest about how political had one we told you about it yesterday. Don't get your hopes up. It looks like the Muller reports not gonna have anything. In fact, it may never even be made public. Politico said yesterday. All kinds of warnings. Now from the drive by media cautioning people to lower their expectations on the mullahs report. Do you know, there are Democrats? There are educated Democrats who literally have believed all this time that Muller has the smoking gun. And it's just a matter of time that Muller is going to reveal the proof in the evidence that Trump stole the election. This is how deranged they are. This is how distant and absent they are from common sense and reality. There's something not right about these people folks, they've gone off the deep end and collectively saw this is not just a a few Democrats a few leftist. This is pretty much all of them believed to one extent or another that Muller has the goods because the goods are there to be found, even though the media haven't been able to find a report them they've got this hope invested so now two or three different stories warning Democrats the lower their expectations and this latest one here from the week. It's a it's a really long piece how the Muller fairy tale ends. The author Matthew Walter hates Trump. He's bitter. He's bitter about having to admit that the investigation has gone nowhere. That's why he's calling it. The Muller fairy tale. They've really believed despite the absence of any evidence, despite what there is to know about how the FBI stacked the deck and planted spies and invented the Steele dossier that was Hillary despite all of this that's known they either don't know it because they have exposed themselves to media reporting it or they have heard it and are ignoring it. We're we're we're actually in a political battle with people who are not right. Mentally forgive emotionally. These people are not right. Mentally, see them protesting. Mitch McConnell and his wife having dinner at a restaurant and Kentucky. They're not right. There's something really really off about these people. And I think they've been driven to various degrees of insanity by professors, teachers and the media. They've been lied to for so long about things that the things they expect to happen things. They think are real are. So devoid. Of reality and truth that they're unable to accept it. Jim Jim Jim Acosta having the president whip people up at rally after rally he says is the most depressing thing he's ever seen as a journalist. This is the citizen CNN conference yesterday in New York City. If you wanna ask me, what makes me the most depressed about my job. It's covering the rallies, and it gets to the larger point of what it's like covering the president United States, and in particular, Donald Trump in many ways, the danger is not what Trump is doing to America. The danger is how America is changing under Trump. And I never thought I would see the day where I would go to a political rally, and you know, people will give you a hard time, you know, people yelled at me at Hillary Clinton rallies during the two thousand eight campaign, but at rally after rally after rally having the president United States where people up into a frenzy and attacked the press. To me is the the the most depressing thing that I've ever witnessed as a journalist, man. Oh, man. We're has this guy been to see Trump whipping people up at rally after rally and having people get mad at me as a journalist at the most depressing thing I've seen as Jim you can give you got all kinds of stuff. You can go be a waiter. You obviously, listen. Well. Mister Acosta, however was not finished somebody needs to walk the guy back from the ledge here. Thousands and thousands of people who are willing to join in. And do the same thing at the rally in Montana the other night when President Trump race, Greg Gianforte for body slamming Ben Jacobs. I remember looking over to the supporters in the crowd. And there was one guy one young man who was doing these body slam moves, and he and his buddies getting good laugh out of it. And then he looked at me. And he goes like this like, I'm gonna cut your throat, and you know, just. I went up to him after it was over. And I talked to him about it. And he was a sort of laughing about it. And I guess he wasn't serious about it. But to me, that's the Trump effect on America. What do you make this? So it's it's no different than when Trump is on stage. Hey, russia. Hey, russia. Maybe you can find Hillary's emails and media's looking for maybe you can find Hillary's missing thirty thousand acres, let the media they'd love to hear from you. Everybody. I'm letting the media has a heart attack thinking Trump is asking the Russians to hack Hillary server Hillary's already done the hack Hillary's already done, whatever she's done to hide the emails, no sense of humor. These people have no ability whatsoever to relate to people as they actually live. So Trump praises a guy for being able to body slam somebody they see no humor in it. They don't have any idea. How to relate to that? They see that. They think Trump. They really do. They think Trump is promoting violence. Trump is recommending and praising vulgar violence bodies lambing zone. But they just I have never seen. A group of people this large that is so distant and absent from reality from day to day life, and how people talk to each other. He goes up to this guy and the guy's laughing. Hey, man. Hey, Jim Acosta how you doing? I really didn't want to slit your throat you. I'm just fun with you, dude, you're out there trying to destroy everything. I believe in mister Acosta. I'm just having a little fun with you. So these people in journalism, they can go out they can destroy anybody. They want they can take shots at anybody. They want the people at that rally have respect for Trump. The media can do whatever they want to try to destroy Trump. But you let somebody throw it back on them. And it's a gigantic disgrace. It shows something terribly wrong with American culture. What's wrong with American culture is that the elites of Washington DC? Not only do not understand real life America. They don't like it much. They really have. I think what they hate about. Trump more than anything is those of you who elected him. I think that's what this really boils down to when you get down to brass tacks more on that when we get back. Somebody.

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