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Say crazy successful actress podcasts during comedian per second. Book her second book is called everything's trash. But it's okay. And I'm mostly just hoping she can convince me that everything really is. Okay. Please welcome our friend and Atlanta housewives superfan. Phoebe robinson. Phoebe hit it big. She actually used to recap the Atlanta housewives of over vulture. Sitting. He was always team meaning every recap. Right. I swear they fast over at the bar say hi to ease Aaron Lim you can catch. That's sunday. Let's get started. It was very exciting. Housewives of Atlanta. Trending all night. And we had Michael Rapaport tweeting about the show. Iggy azalea Christie Teagan was watching so glad everybody's back on board. And in the game. Congratulations out to Kenya. More letter. Very exciting. It's a girl called Brooklyn. So congratulations to Kenya. And on a not. So great note. I also learned online the Porsches in the hospital. He can tell us about that. She's okay. She's she doesn't have to stay overnight. Hopefully, she'll be released tomorrow. Okay. Good. Pain. Okay. Glad she's going to be okay. Sending our love to anyone out there in the hospital. And everybody's specially. Needy. You a new gold turban interview look tonight. What? Look give you tonight. Studio fifty four just like I loved it. It was cute throwback. But also modern so. Candies daughter Riley, had some feelings about Todd and her mom having another baby led to this season's very first. Shady boot moment. Now, let's see what it is. Until I saw children. Would I? Lee is now quoted. Did you hear right? I was like, yes. I love it. Riley go very funny while we wait for your questions for knee and Phoebe years..

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