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They're still trying to costs everybody else. They were able to write in a few characters. Obviously Poison Ivy's one which will get to a little later on but then we also got Mr freeze now. The reason why Mr Freeze happened is because and I quote Joe Schumacher. Actually was watch is a big fan of the animated series and saw the episode a heart of ice seat for. I'm not is the one. Which is the BACKSTORY FOR MR freeze? So he said. I want that so they did that now. There were multiple roles actually multiple people who was actually going to be up for Mr Phrase. Join me to give you a list of who the hell he got from eight to be looking at that beautiful episode about the Little Geeky scientists. Try to get aid to almost all things now okay. So here's the thing right. So they were before right at Harris to possibly be Mr freeze into the APP me good. That would be good but dropped up computer commitments right. This one's GonNa be a shock and you'll love this Patrick Stewart's Oh I mean I can't see but I love him. They would have been amazing. Pass me once. It was just the most amazing experience. I was taking for a theater at the time and I didn't even know he was out past me. And when excuse me make voice and I was doing this fish impression with my gunman cabinets out and it was on. I was just. I just couldn't speak for an hour afterwards. I didn't take a four door. I couldn't move. Yeah if you'll just expecting practice and Selena room shocking experience I mean. Let's be one of the best moments in my life would would be like more light. Mystery should be like scientists because he's bowled. No I'm saying that because of holly how he performs roles Ed Harris. I would've loved any either of those two would have been more accurate but the thing is on all these just comedy gold. So here's the thing that this is. What how it got to Arnold right so patrick skew. It and Harris were considered but they all dropped out to several commitment issues. So but then the script was rewritten to accommodate all Schwarzenegger. Who genuinely interested the reason why. Joe Shoe Market decided. Mr Free must've been big and strong like like he was chiseled out of a glacier and quote so and the reason why is because obviously because the famous. Mr Free suit because they couldn't put a skinny man giant suit so said get a big man in a slightly tighter suit in the cartoon he was always a skinny man. The suit made in powerful. He wasn't robocop. And now he robocop ROBOCOP SPANDEX so hope robocop in spandex machine gun. Kinda sexy Lee described as all. Wait a minute. They love always lead. The fans were disappointed to a point but surprisingly successful because of its location. I was part of that now. You got you on welcome Mrs Schumacher. Toil Crab mcadoo toys. Some of them still in the house. Awesome here my parents so that my little nephew can play with them. I've got some of the Poison Ivy Vines. So he goes. There were so many different kinds of Batman Batman Batman was one that was like bright orange. I think sloat affect on the Metal Batman's well Gold Batman why to open so you can get blue and silver which I had or you could get like a red and black. Cuomo really epic so weird. This is the thing like Batman as a character as a whole is. He's almost gone to the point where he's almost like Sherlock Holmes you can put them in anything and it makes kind of semi sentence. Yes semi cents would often. Don't don't go bananas but you know what I'm talking about this as an Atta male net flicks recently. I think there's one on Netflix. Animated Part like CGI at is about where Batman goes to Japan. Ninja. Yes Oh my would on paper seem like the best film made never ever made. I was so angry giant Monkey John Monkey versus giant Batman. No the monkeys made giant Batman for the magic flute as we were bats powering because they all have the moving castle. The castle annoyed me. These a big massive distraction guerrilla ground needs to stay in. Dc Past Monkey. Please on average on tomatoes is Abou. It's got around about ten percents tomatoes with an average grade of about three point. Six out of ten kids because kids were voting. I think critic Chris yes you can tell. It's aimed at kids. It's going ten two dozen it seeing seeing seeing seeing there's no slow plot moments from the very moment the film starts. Well that's good Jolan. Yeah for the very moment of filmstar major action and mister freeze straight away. It's exciting explosions in Colorado. Kids love it but the problem was because it was critically panned. The studio decided to actually put panel. I'd not do the next movie after that. The low things actually cancelled because of it so there were planned sequels for US joining nail scenario. Okay could have seen. I let me give you some of these because oh my sweet Jesus okay. So there was Joel. Schumacher had several meetings with mortar. Brothers to talk about trying to convince them make another Batman movie afterwards. Okay they will free of them already in the pipeline as an idea one is they wanted to the show actually. WanNa to take it to his DACA roots by making money at one. Oh Right Greco Make Joshi Michael treatment. In my opinion but thing was he was going to cost. Cut Russell as a young commissioner Gordon and Selena car being played by an African American woman living in the ghetto. Me Defense. Time ethica advocate. I mean that would have been have been okay. Yeah now this is the thing Warner Bros. decided not to Rehire Schumacher. Because of what would Batman and Robin. Yeah which was a bit Because they say what happened to it. And the reason why because the pressure studio say we make a more child-friendly of course it went to the direction of the nineteen sixties Campy Batman? Yeah we loved we all love. Its own bubble in northern wedding. Note went in a weird way supposedly the continuity to the first Tim Burton's Batman. Yes you see on current from entity would've loved it okay. Another one was interesting was going to be a direct sequel which was going to call Batman unchained. And it's going to be a direct sequel. Starring unchained is going to be a direct sequel. Stuck having all the costs back. And you're GONNA have you want to know the village? We're going to be okay. Please scarecrow on Holly Quin. That would have been nice version. Quitted if it's anything like it was poison ivy. I think we would have had plenty of popcorn for interesting Ashim. Her Hammer would have made appearance. That would have been huge for me. Yeah when I was in school and after Batman and Robin happened. Everyone was waiting around for another Batman. Filled a guy friend at school. I think I think he's made up but he said it is another Batman movie and the title was cooped Batman Triumphant Sequel. To what is called. The next one was going to be a spin off movie right. Insult trump was going to be the spin off movie where Robin becomes night. When right which is a magazine or something but we made fun of him but the friend into politics you now docusign Mike. I know he receives some guy in school Edwards friend in school. Say Sorry. I'm sorry you will know. Rob Rob is rob holes. It's listing chatty. Will know what I mean. By Batman triumphant friend was right go apply. It was going to a spin off. Movie.

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