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We check markets throughout the day here on Bloomberg. We had some soft eco data stateside, consumer confidence down in February and home prices in the U.S. down for a 6th consecutive month, but the focal point continues to be elevated in inflation. We had hot ratings in the European session coming out of France and Spain and taken together these numbers strengthened the case for further rate hikes from the European Central Bank. So the ramification stateside, well, we had yields up mostly at the short end of the curve where their two year treasury was up nearly four basis points to four 81, so that's where the action will begin at the top of the hour when Tokyo trading of U.S. sovereign debt gets underway. Equity weakness with the Dow today down 7 tenths of 1%. The S&P 500 off three tenths of 1% NASDAQ comp down just a tenth of 1%, big news after the bell from novavax substantial doubt now as to whether or not this company will be able to continue as an ongoing concern through the end of next year. Shares are down 26% and HP Inc maintaining its outlook even after posting a sharp decline in revenue for the last quarter, HP Inc shares right now up a little more than 2% in the late U.S. session. We'll talk more about markets in 15 minutes. Head Baxter is next with a look at global news headlines, Eddie. All right, thank you, DK, this U.S. is saying that some Central Asian countries may be helping Russia circumvent sanctions. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says a U.S. will not hesitate to slap sanctions on those countries or on China itself, so it seems take a different tact investing in countries to

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