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A And 11 after eight. Let's do our today in history for February, 9th In 17 78. Rhode Island became the fourth U. S state to ratify the articles of confederation. That was the advance of the Uh, the Well, move we got now Constitution. 18 25 After no candidate got a majority of electoral votes in the U. S presidential election of 18 24. The House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams. As president of the U. S. 18 61 of the American Civil War. Jefferson Davis was elected provisional president of the Confederate States of America. By the Confederate convention in Montgomery, Alabama. 18 70 U. S president Ulysses Grant. Signed a joint resolution of Congress establishing the U. S. Weather Bureau. 18 89 president Grover Cleveland signed a bill elevating the Department of Agriculture to a Cabinet level agency. 18 95 William G. Morgan created a game called Men to net. Would soon came to be referred to as volleyball. Internet. Why they call it that. In 1900. The Davis Cup competition was established. 1942 in World War two, The Joint Chiefs of Staff held their first formal meeting to coordinate the activities of the U. S. Army and Navy. 18 42 year round. Daylight saving time. Also known in his war time is reinstated in the U. S. As a wartime measure to help conserve energy resource is In 1950 the second red scare, US Senator Joseph McCarthy accused the U. S Department of State of being filled with Communists. It was quite a big thing back in the early fifties. By the way, I was a little kid, but I remember that calling everyone out at as a communist. Oh, yeah. Anybody didn't agree with them, You know now what do they call him? Fascist your fascist Now then you're a communist. 1964 remember this to the back. We've got it on our Web page. The Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Performing before a record setting audience of 73 million viewers across the U. S. Well, actually, the one on our block is the Elvis video. It's got all them. Okay. Got a bunch of different people that appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. But this is waiting. Nettles made their debut today's In What year? Was it 1964? Yeah, well, they made their debut on the edge, Sullivan show. Yeah, and it was a huge deal back then. 1971 Satchel Paige became the first Negro League player to be voted into the US's Baseball Hall of Fame. I saw him pitch in an exhibition game in California when I Was a kid and came back from Japan. And we spent a day in San Francisco, and they had the We got what? I think the team was a San Francisco seals or something like that. And they played an exhibition game a bunch against a bunch of major league all stars to think what he would have done if he were able to play in Major League baseball his entire career. I know it would have been a big, big deal. Bob Feller was in that game, too. Let's see him well, anyway. 1986. Haley's comet last appeared in the inner solar system. And that is our today in history for February knife, it's 8 15, and we go to the newsroom and Chris treatment. The FBI and the Secret Service are looking for a hacker who tampered with water supply of the city of old Tamar. The hacker boosted the level of sodium hydroxide or lie from 100 parts per million, two more than 11,000 per million. Officials say. While that's potentially dangerous, the plant operator saw what was happening and was able to stabilize the situation. The second Senate impeachment trial of former president Trump gets underway today. A single house article of Impeachment accuses me now former president of inciting the deadly mob attack at the U. S. Capitol on January 6th. Trump headlined a huge rally near the White House before the assault on the Capitol. Trump's attorneys will argue that it's unconstitutional to try the former president since he's no longer in office. United Arab Emirates Hope spacecraft is expected to reach Mars is orbit this morning the probe's part of the first interplanetary mission ever launched by an Arab country. It's been described as a climate satellite designed to study how energy moves through the Red Planet's atmosphere throughout the day and over the course of every season on Chris Trackman News, radio W F L A Now let's check sports. W.

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