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Face Satchel Paige or Satchel Paige toe pitch to some of the legendary players in the Negro League over the years. I've always said There. There is no better interview from what I've done than being able to talk. Um About hitting and his memory of it bats than Pete Rose. Talking about. Pictures he's faced over the years, and the magic of Pete Rose's recall is you can ask him about. You know, Steve Carlton is a filly and not just the pitcher Steve Carlton through but how pizza bats went against him. Or you ask him about Tell me Jon Matlack of the Mets or Jerry Koosman. What Randy Jones of the Padres and the recall ability that Pete had, but I'll be honest. To to ask Pete and probe Pete about The first bet he made And why he made it. And what he would do differently. If given a do over. I'd love to talk with Marvin Lewis about What the day to day was like. When he was head coach of the Bangles for 16 years. About his relationship with Mike Brown about I'd like to ask him. What decision? Did you? Did you want? Made that Mike said no to And if you gave me the chance to To talk one on one. With Ted Williams. About the art of hitting man. I wonder what it would be for you. You know, I I maybe I I jaded from the center not jaded, but I've been very lucky to interview Ah, lot of people over the years. And I think that the Q and a and what? I've asked them over the years and what they've said in somewhere private interviews, but I bring this up for you tonight. As part of the Larry King tribute, some curious who You'd want to sit down with And why that person and what? You'd want to ask them. What you want to find out about that person. Maybe for a segment. Take some calls. 5137491 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT. Got one. Get me one. Next check News you create sports talk. Presented by Kelsey Chevrolet 700 WLW News, Traffic and Weather news Radio 700 wlw Cincinnati A famous actress has died. This is the 8 30 report. I'm Matt Reese Breaking now Another big name and show business is passed away tonight. Sensibly. Taison was 96 years old, her family manager. Have not released the cause of death. Sicily, Tyson won numerous accolades for her performances on television film and on stage. One of her best known TV roles was that of a 110 year old former slave and the autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. You won't know how come I live so long. I understand you were a slave. Lots of peoples were slaves in 2013 at the age of 89, Sicily. Tyson won the Tony Award for best actress in a play for the trip to Bountiful. I had this burning desire to do just one more great role. I didn't want greedy. I just wanted one more Hell Deal. ABC News now the latest traffic.

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