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What do you think very quickly of these LeBron at center lineups that Vogel and now fizdale with coach logo, hopefully we're covering well in health and safety protocols have turned to in the absence of Anthony Davis. Obviously when AD's back, these are going to be a limited part of the rotation, but probably part of it considering Dwight and DJ have done next to nothing this year. Are they viable to you? If they get enough of the supporting guys back, they're fine. I mean, they're fine. I mean, they used it against Houston. I mean, Houston's awful. They'd be Houston by a couple down the stretch. Thank you for saying that because the coverage of that game, we were guilty of it too, was like, stroke of genius, fizdale and et cetera. I'm like, how about the headlines should be barely beat a team that stinks? Didn't they have four guys score 20 or more? I don't know. Yeah. So it's not like I didn't understand what everybody was raving about. They beat Houston on the road. Hey, listen, when you've lost 5 in a row, any wins a good one. I'm not knocking down. I'm not even the move is fine. But the idea that they unlocked something, I didn't understand because they had played with Carmelo Anthony and James before. Like, this isn't like exactly revolutionary. Like, they're trying to get a win, you know, coaching is nothing more than trying to give yourself your best chance to win. And against some lineups or in some teams, it makes sense, but it still comes back to who are the other four guys around James. I can put James anywhere. James, is the type of guy he can everybody knows us. He can play anywhere. So it's who do I surround him with? Do I have enough? Because he'll bring out the best and most guys, you know? And I think what's scary to me is, is this the best of 8 that he can bring out of them? Like, it's just their best and it just keeps coming back to me to Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis is their chance. Like he comes back off of this injury and they're in whatever place they're in. And he's able to have recharged refocused reenergized and plays at a top ten level in the NBA. If he can do that, then they're really dangerous. LeBron had center, they are plus three in a 116 minutes. And you saw last night to your point, those lineups are either so bad on defense that they just have no hope. Like if Carmelo Anthony and Malik monk and Russell Westbrook are out there, you're just, you're just praying. That's all you're doing. That's just prayer, that's basketball prayer. I pray we hit enough threes and they miss enough dunks and threes because they're gonna hunt mellow every single possession. It was interesting to see morant hunt Russ late in the game last night. And then they went defense and they were to have Stanley Johnson and THT out their Stanley Johnson just already like top 5 most essential Laker all of a sudden. And the grizzlies said, okay, well, those guys can't shoot. We're gonna play our big guys just like normal and we're gonna bet that our size is you don't have the speed and shooting to punish us for playing big versus small and they generally won that bet. The I guess the non big lineups, no AD no center without LeBron. So I guess melos at center Russ is the key to those, are -27 and 44 minutes. You can throw those ones in the trash as soon as AD comes back. And just to finish your point on Lakers coverage, I really enjoyed how the headline after Christmas was LeBron overtakes Kobe as all time leading scorer on Christmas as if anyone cares who the all time leading score on Christmas is. And they lost the game. How about you lost at home to the nets? Then that's had one of their three guys and you still lost but LeBron passed Kobe as the all time leading score on Christmas. So all was well. Are you ready for question number two? Yep. Is it time for the Boston Celtics at 16 to 19, tenth in the west coming off a game without Jayson Tatum and some other others in health and safety protocols in which they lost at home to the clippers who are missing lots and lots of people arguably there are three best players and four of their top 5 and shot four of 42 from three four of 42. One of the three was made by Sam Hauser who, or Hauser, I'm sorry, who would not be playing normally. Is it time for the Celtics to explore breaking up jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum? Well, all those possible trade ideas or thoughts. It's all dependent on who you can get. So it's not about, should we break them up? It's about, can we have can we construct a better team through a possible trade, right? And I don't think anybody in this league minus maybe jokic and Giannis, who else, curry, Durant, Durant is untreatable, right? So the idea that Tatum or Brown would get traded, that doesn't, that might happen. But it's funny, it's funny you bring up jokic and I apologize for updating it because this is what this is like how screwed up my brain is. Last night, as I couldn't fall asleep, my brain went to this place..

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