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Will be joining us on the shell pencil performance on Michael would Michael junior Trey Wingo here with you just to let the of gas for having forty today Bobby carpenter a football analyst will join us as well NBA insider everywhere gin owski plus sass will be with us Stephen A. Smith Rick Smith the former Texans GM will join us as well see how he thinks the Texans doing this since they decided to no longer have a general manager going forward right right and Steven Forbes the head coach of East Tennessee state university who was on the dance will also join see one of the big questions out there is it what's gonna happen first tax sign or or Peter pick someone in the bachelor what do you think last night track don't know don't care it's just it's just been an unrelenting slog right it honestly might be the only thing that rivals what's going on with the cowboys is equal parts disaster how about if it's a disaster on both sides yes and we will have much more throughout the morning on the impending coronavirus situation and how it may impact sports because it is a thing that we need to be prepared for in terms of how we consume our sports going forward for the foreseeable future Italy is for course at a much more severe outbreak and we've had here in the United States but they're basically shutting all things down sports related for the rest of the month so we'll get to that a little bit later but off the top we are getting closer and closer to what we believe at this point what we believe at this point will be the deadline to put a franchise tag on a player which is Thursday however the NFL courted grown Adam Schefter is considering moving that back a little bit because the NFLPA vote on whether to accept a new collective bargaining agreement has been extended from Thursday at eleven fifty nine right for Friday morning midnight to Sunday right it's a sunny Saturday Saturday yeah so it's been extended by two days so the trend the the idea of tag usage may be extended by two days and that is everything is tied together in this giant CBA pilots be honest about it because the owners want to know what they're operating under the players want to know which system we're operating under which means we getting the regular money or getting this extra money that may be coming in with the new CBA in seventeen games and for the Dallas Cowboys this is all part of it because they have two players are trying to side desperately want a quarterback in dak Prescott and wanted a wide receiver in Amari Cooper and once they know what the rules are hopefully they can tag one inside the other and it seems like they've made a new offer to the quarterback dak Prescott according to our own Todd archer yeah so put it out there that apparently this is in the golfer Aaron Rodgers reign supposedly which should be just north of that thirty three million dollars a year that original offer that we heard one out to dak Prescott much earlier in this we remember the last time we heard him today numbers it was around thirty three million dollars a year and I think between a hundred a hundred and five million dollars guaranteed somewhere in that range so you look right now Russell Wilson the highest average per year among quarterbacks of thirty five Ben Roethlisberger thirty for Aaron Rodgers Jr Dauphin thirty three and a half so and as this conversation continues I think the first thing we all need to to say again is it doesn't matter what you think he's worth so anybody out there who's going to say well he's not well he's got that now would be it doesn't matter it just doesn't matter it's when your ticket is up and when you can punch your new ticket where you are and what you've done leading up to that point certainly comes into play but it's more timing is everything and he will get a deal that will be worth more than their Rogers will be worth more than Jared Goff will be worth more than Carson Wentz at the end of the day in some way shape or form exactly right like that's right yeah yeah I guess that Russia now is like between now and whenever they're allowed to administer these tags is there anything that can be done to get this contract done like what what what what it has to look like what would because in my mind usually with this with its agents trying to justify a be able to save my clients got the highest yeah could that be the highest average per year right could that be the highest guaranteed money right could that be the highest percentage of guaranteed all of these different things that it could be that usually people like to be able to tout so that they feel like they came out of this deal winner so I can say to my client and other clients Hey look we got you the best deal possible isn't that isn't that the negotiation that we you may get one and not the other you know that that's how you negotiate back and forth because I have to believe from A. Lister were already talking in the thirty three million dollar range in over a hundred million dollar range so let's be honest their way closer to the final number then knocked right I don't know I know yes I I yeah I mean that to three that would depend on what C. B. A. if I'm if I'm the dak Prescott camp and I know that extra five billion dollars if the CVA past is headed toward the players over the next ten years I'm not looking at thirty three thirty five all in all I disagree completely just like we're saying that it's not about what you've done it's got to be to a point it's about timing that's the timing as well he went when you if you can use at once and you can use it on the other side so we're going to extra five bill will pay me thirty seven million a year it's still gonna be be over certain thresholds be higher than certain amount of quarterbacks I don't think you can go on with that are you know and I I think I think you will so this is this is my again this is been might be for the entire time is we're giving everyone involved in this credit for foresight that wasn't there right like this is an adjustment the cowboys offer of thirty three million dollars is not predicated on well let's get this done before the CBA this is what they've been doing wrong horse or say they've been far apart on this I think there could be an adjustment now like yeah if you are dak Prescott I think getting around a potentially different pool of money does kind of matter especially the operating with seventeen games as opposed to six it's good to get him in a position to say I should be over these guys but it's not going to be a huge over except if he gets to the amount that's over Russell Wilson at thirty five and a half it's not going to say no I one thirty eight well I think it's I think it changes just because you've got the presence of a whole nother game yes no I I I agree and I think that's what we'll put him over the top of that I don't think it's going to go millions over the top of that because of the new deal I just don't well I I think Jack's a guy that's going to struggle to go millions over the top of any of these deals like if he gets over these he's going to be eclipsing it by a short margin that margin grows wider because of the presence of US BA I think you want that anyway if there was no if there was no CBA negotiations because usually you don't want that but he'd have less leverage to do around I agree with that yeah I agree with that but my point is he's trying to get over those guys he's not trying to get three million dollars over those not my point I think juniors point is if there's going to be more money than that means I should get more of that percentage over those guys that's I think what we're saying all right I think we're all saying the same hearing at some point okay semantics so listen the question then becomes it and let's let's we like everybody that talks about these things on our network yeah we don't agree with all of them just don't agree on all of them here is our only Scott Hughes are used to analyze the parts god weighing in I think thirty three million dollars is right where he should be a little bit under arrest Russell Wilson at thirty five million dollars and I think I've found that Chris kind of looking at Russell Wilson in figuring out how can I try to duplicate what he did if you can add a Superbowl to his resume to do that he's going to need weapons and into it if you takes thirty three million dollars that allows him potentially to sign Markle because we no doubt was once assigned mark because they gave the first round draft yes my results are going to lose so if you can get that lined up and you can get Cooper lined up you can have an opportunity to maybe win you know because you want to take that first round draft pick you gonna dress the corner position because you can't do both but let's be a hundred percent clear on something it is not dax responsibility to fix the cowboys problem that is the cowboys problem that they're in this situation because the Dallas Cowboys traded a first round pick from mark Cooper and didn't work out a deal when they traded form which you can do sign and trade okay it happens all the time so they didn't do that so now they expose themselves on this end they took care of interior linebacker a right tackle in a running back who held out and was suspended for six games because of off field behavior before they took care of their franchise quarterback who has done everything right and has not missed a game and threw for thirty touchdowns in forty nine hundred yards three yard for yard shy the cowboys single season record it is in no way shape or form dak Prescott's issue to fix the problems that the cowboys have done **** up building their team god as time goes along is anything going to end up being a bigger issue here than the fact that the cowboys paid sick like that Hey do you like that and paid him before that like as we go increasingly more down the road of many Afghan running backs big time money out second projects might just keep looking like a worse and worse decision but to do it at the expense of because what bart Scott handed out at the end there is exactly right if you lay that foundation it gives you the ability to go out operate was so much more clarity when it comes to either the free agent market on the draft of the other positions of need where you could potentially get wins like that part is true the cowboys need to realize that a year ago yeah yeah this is this is on the cobbles you're you're you're exactly right it's it's not tax job to fix this all at all bars got saying that Emmitt Smith came out and said that as well that that could make up the money and I think that that's it's ridiculous it's a ridiculous ought to tell a guy that he should do that yeah I don't don't get in another man's money yeah go make as much as you can make correct I mean I can I can someone it when he was with the jets a part we need to to take less money we say can't wait I don't think so he would have said no bleeping way so we'll see what happens there and again the deadline maybe Thursday it may be moving but we have a very fluid situation all the way around in the NFL this point meanwhile the NBA coming up why the MVP race is not.

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