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We don't need to look far to find bloody nobles nobles it sometimes feels as though all we have to do is open a history book and flip to a random page life. Top was often a cutthroat game. Both figuratively family and literally and anyone who found themselves in the orbit of a King or Queen certainly understood that risk a great example of how bloodthirsty the English kings could be. Was Henry the eighth. Henry is known for a lot of things not all of which are so great. In retrospect he expanded the power of the crown during his lifetime and based a lot of that on his belief in the divine right of kings. Something that threatened the freedom of his people. He was greedy and vindictive and had an ego that was only surpassed Aston size by the con- piece on his armor. But if there is one thing that most people remember today about Henry the eighth. It's his many wives. Henry had six six of them half of whom were named Kathryn which must have made it a lot easier for him. I'm sure five of those. Six wives came and went within its single ten year period in his life but not all of those breakups were friendly. After having his first marriage annulled in fifteen thirty three and sparking the English reformation and the country three separation from the Catholic Church Henry married the sister of a former lover. A woman named an Berlin three years later he had her executed for treason and adultery but also possibly for failing to deliver a male heir. The day after Ann's beheading Henry proposed to one of her ladies in waiting Jane Seymour. They they had apparently fallen in love months before but Jane had managed to hold off. Henry's advances in the name of honor. Once the Queen was dead. Though she was much more agreeable they remarried ten days later from everything I can tell. Henry believed that Jane Seymour was the one viewed her as his perfect queen and when she gave birth earth to his first male heir a year later he probably side with relief but complications from the birth put her life at risk in over the two weeks that followed. She slowly declined in October. Of Fifteen. Thirty seven Jane Seymour passed away that had taken place at Hampton Court Palace. Henry's favourite London residence. It's a mixture of a pleasure palace a theater and a royal home. So when Henry brought his next to wives through those doors over the next few years they were the probably bittersweet moments a lot of joy would be possible there but it would always sit in the shadows of a painful past his fifth wife. Wife Catherine Howard made a fool of the king by conducting at least one less than secrets affair after learning about what she had done. Henry had catherine arrested and thrown in prison themsel- there at the house. She was only eighteen at the time. And I can't imagine the fear and desperation. She must have felt being a prisoner of the most powerful man in the Kingdom uh according to the stories though Catherine managed to slip away from her garden one day while being walked through the palace she bolted away and ran down. One belong long galleries that led to the king's chapel. where she knew Henry could be found? Her goal was probably to beg for forgiveness to ask for mercy and to plead for her life but the guards caught up to her before that could happen and her screams of terror. Were the only thing to reach him. Catherine Howard was beheaded a short while later and Henry moved onto a new wife also named Kathryn but just because those former wives were gone doesn't mean they were forgotten in fact if the stories are true they might have stuck around to serve as a cruel reminder. It said even today visitors to that long gallery in the palace have heard echoes of a woman screaming a desperate panicked cry that chills them to the bones. Others have heard the quick rhythm of footsteps as if someone were running down the hallway and in Nineteen nineteen ninety nine according to one source to different tourists fainted in the gallery at different times on the very same day elsewhere in Hampton Court Palace. Less other shadows have stuck around as well in a room at the top of the staircase known as the silver stick stairs. Multiple visitors have claimed to have seen the figure of Pale woman. She stands silently hovering slightly above the floor with a mournful expression and vacant is for those who have witnessed it. The Specter has been both calming mean and terrifying whether or not the visions a real though. It's fascinating to look at the true history of that room because while it has been used used for countless purposes over the last few centuries one specific resident stands out above all the others. It was in this room. You see that Henry. The eighth eighths only male heir was born to his true love Jane Seymour and it was there just two weeks later. That she passed away Oh the old home located on Berkeley Square is a town house. Just one of many in a long row of similar facades but as far back as the mid nineteenth century it was different enough to stand out from all the others but before I continue with the legends. Let me be clear that not a lot is known about the House's origins and a lot out of stories have yet to be completely verified. Still we know enough to make this journey worth taking so let's get started. The majority Jordy of details begin with the man who owned the House. Back in the eighteen. Sixties Thomas Maier wasn't the first to live there but he was certainly the most infamous. It said that he had wants been engaged to be married but fiance eventually changed her mind and ended their relationship broken and distraught. He retreated into his house and was rarely rarely ever seen again. Neighbors claim that the house would be dead during the day only to come alive at night. It was as if Thomas had traded in the sunlight for or the shadows leaving the rest of his life during those moments when most of the world was asleep and it might very well be whispers of the house all lit up at night that I gave birth the rumor that it was haunted but could also have been what happened next sometime around eighteen. Seventy two the house sold to a new family and they moved in to clean up the home and make it their own. The couple had two daughters both in their late teens and they were precious few years left for the parents to enjoy life as a family in this new setting writing before they became empty nesters in the weeks that followed though the future crept in the oldest of the two daughters became engaged to a young officer named captain. Captain Canfield than conversation became filled with talk of wedding plans and guest list and at some point in their engagement. Captain Canfield planned visit so the family set about preparing the attic bedroom for his rival. According to the story what happened next is still shrouded in mystery. The family made with sent up to put the final final touches on the fiancee's room and while she was up there the family heard her scream at once. Everyone in the house rushed upstairs to see what had happened only to find her lying on the floor and expression of complete horror painted across her face. More mysterious yet was that she couldn't seem to put a complete sentence synced together and was unable to answer any questions. The family asked her all the made was able to do was mutter low cryptic refrain. Don't let it touch me. Don't let it touch me. The made was immediately taken to the hospital to recover where I imagine. Someone observed her and did their best to treat her rattled nerves but other than that there was little they could do sleep. They assumed would be the best medicine the following morning. Though she was found dead in her room the fiance arrived the next day. And after hearing the stories of the maids unexpected death he decided to check the room out for himself. Maybe he was playing the brave soldier in front of his future in laws in an effort to impress them or perhaps his fiancee needed some reassurance and he wanted to calm her nerves whatever the reason he climbed the stairs to the attic bedroom and declared that he would keep watch throughout the night in the darkest hours of the morning. Though a gunshot gunshot pulled everyone from sleep their heart's racing at the sound of it. Everyone climbed out of bed through on their night coats and then rushed up to see what had happened. What they found according to the legend was the young captain dead on the floor of his room a victim of his own pistol in one thousand nine hundred seven author? Charles Harper wrote about the house in a book and it was there that he declared to be the very picture of misery after the events that were said to have taken place there. It's easy to wonder if the misery was in the structure or the lives who live there either way the stories. We've heard so far. Shed a bright right lights on one more tale. That Harper added to the legend according to him the next family to own the house moved in fully aware of the tragedies of the past asked the owner was an older gentleman who is said to be practical and not prone to stories of the supernatural. Still he understood the power of suggestion. The creepy old house with a dark past might have over him so he set some rules for everyone to follow after settling in with his family. He told them all that he would ring his his bel- to tell them if he ever truly needed help. If it was a moment of frights he would only bring it once which they were all instructed to ignore but if matters were more pressing and he truly needed help he would ring twice a signal that they were to immediately come to his room. Everyone went to bed at the end of the evening and while the night right began peacefully the quiet was broken around midnight by the loud chime of the old man's bell not once but twice which sent everyone rushing to see see what might be the matter what they found. Though weren't answers. The old man was riding in his bed. His face twisted by panic nick in fear just like the house made all those years before he too couldn't answer the questions that the others around him asked he could only mutter and shake with Horror at something. No one else could see after doing their best to help him. They calm him enough to let him sleep and everyone wandered back to their own rooms. They left his bel- on the table beside his bed hoping that he would remember how to use it if needed them but the remainder of the night was one long stretch of unbroken silence. In the morning they discovered why after visiting the old man's bedroom to check on him one of his family members gently pushed the door open and peered inside the shape and the bed was unmoving and so they approached awake him and see how he felt but like those in the house before him he to head passed away. A random coincidence of natural causes or a demonstration of the power of.

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