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I ruined okay today didn't put up intrigue city yes she said at the finish he knowledged there are people strong him at the moment in this race anyway shady is with these old colleague from his liquid liquid gas days definitely author who's noted the four loudini what they're discussing very animated with any tell is kind of you know i mean i mean i know you've been doing a lot of hand gesturing loss few days you you're fluent anytime hand gestures i'm fluent in italian hand gestures as we heard last night not fluent in italian but this diversion away from corrections corner last night down your ask you i'm apologize i put you on the spot is kind of poor podcasting etiquette to oskar yes no question but i i don't i forgotten giovanni butter glean he did win the talia we said that he didn't but in fact he wanted the same year that he wondered welter nineteen ninetyone and the amazing thing about that was the welte around from april the twenty first and may the tenth anyone overall and then three days later he was in brescia for the start of the jared italia which ran into june the seventh so well six weeks on the bike two grand tours in the bag nor even eddy merckx money showered i'm saying oh hang on a minute no not timeframe oh goodness me let's not merck's in seventythree very close together one it was it was again a few days it's still was yes it was anyway still a still not as impressive as the greatest feat to my mind ever in in terms of racing major races bots about was then on yes gula in the polish writer in i'm not i'm scared of saying the year now i think it was nineteen ninetyseven it might be in nineteen ninety eight i'm gonna have to check this however yes killer finished toward franz he went straight to i'm not gonna say which airport wasn't only been child ago we went straight to the airport gonna plane went to the tool of portugal and i'm wrote in the prologue the next aim to report go won the tour boats go and i think he met his wife as well at the topa goes use the podium go.

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