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A free man parties a really good young player. And he's going to be a tremendous player of a collar is a freak and followed him since he was a sophomore in high school. I just think the world of him. What he can do on a football field. I've never seen one better in high school. And he's starting to show it now at the college level. I don't have enough. Good things to say about him. He's phenomenal. I I've never seen. It have a poor outing not one which quarterbacks it's impossible to do. But he's done it. I take him with the I figure the draft he signed to play baseball, but he has a dominant football player. And I would take him the first now. Oh, boy, we don't think that's going to happen. It's not gonna they drafted Josh Rosen in the top ten a year ago. However, maybe since they don't need a quarterback. You know, they try and package that pickers because I'm telling you, I'm hearing more and more people they believe calamari will be a first round pick. And maybe a top top half of the first round first round. Well, we know quarterbacks get magnified. We know they're not gonna take a quarterback. But you know, that sound bite it'd be played for him and asked, hey, what do you think? Now, I'm sure he's going to say we have a quarterback. And they do there's no way they're drafting your quarterback. So. To me now for for a history. There has never been a first round NFL player. And who was also drafted in the first round in baseball. And we know he was drafted first round in baseball. Here are the. John elway. I football second round baseball. Go Jackson first round football second round baseball. Kenny stabler about that. Second rally in the NFL and second round in baseball collar Murray could be the first first Brown first round guy ever. So there are so many tentacles here. And oh, by the way, you know, what another one is. Yeah. He could actually go back to Oklahoma and play again. Correct. He could actually go back. A lot Homer on the table. Be the quarterback there again next year. Go play baseball declare for the draft and going to draft still fly football. And then go back and play baseball. I mean, listen, I have no idea what the guy is going to do. But the interesting part to me is what and it's going to happen by February. If he declares to the draft, which is an easy thing to do all that does then is knocks out one of the options of going back to Oklahoma a guy with options like this is a pretty cool thing. And then it's going to be okay. What happens in February? Are you actually going to go and spring to practice in baseball? Or if you're gonna play football, you gotta get ready for the draft. You got to go to the combine if you want obviously, you don't have to but pro days visit you're gonna have to do all that. I said that guys that our top picks. Could they not do anything and still get picked that way with this guy? I don't think that can happen as Mike. He is going to set a all time new bar, and I mean a lower bar talent. Because you start to wonder around six foot with a quarterback Baker Mayfield certainly beat that one up. No doubt about it. He has succeeded at this point in the NFL this. He's Kyla Moore is lifted at five nine by ten ten and there is no way guys going these five twenty five eight five eight five eight five nine I mean, he will without question. Test the limits more than they've ever been tested in a sport. Now in the NFL were they are putting in the college, you know, kind of systems as well. So it can work better nowadays. But this would be this would be a new all-time test. Cuyler murray. We talk about Baker Mayfield is the most recent conflict shorter quarterback infinitely more athletic Cuyler Murray is Lamar Jackson level athleticism, many much smaller body and a guy who is still a very accomplished passer at Oklahoma. So it's all these things that you absolutely find appealing. But man, it's still Wayne the short term potential gains of that or long-term depending on how it goes. But if they risked nonetheless on both sides for in the NFL, what you have advantage wise to is coming into it is maybe more guaranteed money right away. But also a guaranteed lifestyle away because we know Oakland plans to start him out and their triple A team in Stockton. Right. So I think it's a hi, I'm not sure it's is it is triple eight triple A. Okay. Baio giant and starting them in their minor league system in Stockton, which leads a minor league lifestyle. Whereas a lot of bus rides back roads and things that aren't as glamorous as what he's dealing with an Oklahoma right now. And so is that in the short term worth missing out on potentially? What comes with baseball? 'cause I in my mind, I have Jeff smarter. Stuck in my crops? Wide receiver who went on and made has made a comfortable living for himself in major league baseball with a lot less, wear and tear his last deal. I think what the giants was I think ninety six million dollars. So that's pretty good. That's not bad. And that that was just one of the deals. I know he got so. Yeah, it worked out pretty well. He didn't he wasn't never a great long-term pitcher. But he made as far as the money side of it because he would have been a first round wide receiver. Wide receiver. He was going to be a first round wide receiver. But we know the longevity. Everything else about baseball has a lot of things that are more friendly to the player except for this initial run potential. Exactly, right. The it's like a movie as our friend standard would appreciate it's like a movie deal getting points on the back end. That's the baseball payoff going forward here. And speaking of baseball were delighted Jeff passan now working with us at ESPN just just came into the family not too long ago. And here's what he thinks the as plan is with Kyla Murray going forward as expect him to show up for spring training. Tyler Murray is going to be in major league camp with them and not just in camp with them at the start. But in camp in till they go to Japan to start their season. They wanna make it as enticing as possible for him. Because they understand that football is almost like this love that he has and to keep him away from it. They need to do everything they can possibly to make him comfortable with baseball and to make him love baseball as much as he does. Football. But what did you say this morning junior the heart wants what the heart wants? And that's the thing. Like, we know Cuyler Murray is a figure of folklore around Texas high school football, like he's a guy who clearly loves it enough to where this has been a decision that we thought was a foregone conclusion in his crept more and more into the picture. Sometimes it's hard to give us, and I'm with you. And one thing I think is hard for younger people in and that's where you need that really good support group. First and foremost, you love one more than the other. I mean, I think it sounds like he likes football. I maybe would agree. But the other thing is you have to be able to look at the big picture because just for what you said because right now. Going back to Oklahoma way. More glamor more glamorous and the minor league system going in the NFL, obviously more glamorous than the minor league system. But where could baseball eventually lead? You the big picture down the road. However, many years it is he would be in the minors before he got to the majors. And then what what is ceiling is there? And we know average players in baseball can make a ton of money, you know, in the area of stars of football. So that's I think what needs to happen is look at the big picture. How how good you think you can be in baseball. Where's your ceiling there? Where can the ceiling be in the NFL because you're going to create one right now. Let's be honest in baseball. He's going to try and be a great player. Amongst other great players in a normal way in football. He's looking to bust Boston New ceiling a five foot nine quarterback being not just an NFL player. But being a first round pick NFL player. Trying to be a one of the better NFL players. That's new territory right there. It is. And let's not forget the most important word in this discussion, guaranteed because whatever you sign for in baseball on those long term contracts, like Jefferson margin, ninety six million guess what you blow out your elbow the day after you sign it, you get in every and that's the thing about the big picture again. Because if he does go in the first round that's guaranteed as well. And the last pick in the first round last year was Lamar Jackson and the guarantee was what eight million over eight mills double what he got right now. So that again is the big picture. Okay. If I go in the first round, I know that's guaranteed. But baseball could hold a bigger guarantee. Look baby. You do the football thing doesn't work out. Then I'll go back and do the baseball thing. And I got eight million in the Bank working for me. It's going to be really interesting, by the way, the combine starts February twenty six and by the way will be down there doing a special on Saturday March third. I think it is. And that's the day. The quarterbacks are throwing so we'll be down. I agree with you. My he has to go to the combine and show this stuff because early concerns about his stature can goes Monday through Friday with doing the communist. Golic and wingo. I'll be there. You. ABC your other job. Great coverage. You should check it out very excited about it. When I say, we I mean, everyone sitting at this table, we're taking this show. All right. Let's do it. We realize decision may. Yeah. Yeah. They'll listen to us. Absolutely. It's going to happen. Golic and wingo. Presented by progressive. Insurance. 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