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Meteorologist, Suzanne foregin. It's thirty five at News Radio. Eight forty W H A S our top story west Louisville nightclub closing its doors following another shooting Kohl's place on west Kentucky street closed its doors Sunday night after twelve years in business club owner John Cole said his decision to close calls place was in connection to a shooting at the club early Sunday morning, then left one person injured. Sunday's incident comes after a March twenty eight teams shooting at the club that injured seven people eight others, including a pregnant woman were also injured in a twenty fifteen shooting at the club a post on the coals place Facebook page says it is. Quote, praying for the city Jalil Chapman, NewsRadio eight forty w h it's seven thirty two at News Radio. Eight forty W H A S two people in custody after an Allenby officer crashed into the side of a building following an armed carjacking and blaze. Chase would call of the carjacking coming in a little after two this morning from the Phoenix hill neighborhood the chase lasting for about. Thirty minutes and crews are involved in the chase crashed into a building at Baxter and avenues. The officer. Not hurt. Tear gas fired at members of the migrate caravan on the Mexican side of the US Mexican border ABC's Marci Gonzales is in the tent city in Tijuana, Mexico among the migrants, I'm talking to a mother who said she saw tear gas canisters land right in front of her children. There is were watering there were screaming and crying. I had a fifteen year old come up to me in hand me a used here gas canister saying that it came just inches away from him. Hitting him. The Mexican government says it will work to deport the five hundred or so that are participating in the caravan in the mid west millions shivering under a winter storm whipping across the half dozen states. The storm dumping snow more than a foot deep at some parts of Iowa making roads snow-packed delaying canceling scores of flights more than eighty thousand homes and businesses and the Chicago land area without power Chicago O'Hare airport has canceled hundreds of flights. You might want to call your airline before heading out to little international this morning. The government releasing some new numbers on kids with autism. The latest US government estimate puts the rate of autism spectrum disorder at one in forty kids higher than the estimated published earlier this year. But that doesn't mean the actual number is rising because the government has at least three different ways of measuring. The incidence of autism take all three into account at the likeliest occurrence ranges from that one in forty figure to one in. Fifty nine much closer to previous estimates. Vicki Barker CBS news NASA, preparing for its Mars insight. Lander to reach the red planet later today. And SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says there's a seventy percent chance he'll go to Mars one day an interview with axios Moscow also dismissed the idea that a Martian colony would simply be an escape hatch for the rich pointing out there's a lot of hard work that many of the rich might not want to commit to an MSNBC co host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are now husband and wife the morning Joe mainstays said their vows Saturday in a small ceremony at the national archives in Washington to announce their engagement on the air in may of two thousand seventeen their ceremony officiated by Maryland. Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings your next news update coming at eight. I'm well Clark NewsRadio eight forty W H A S Kentucky. Breaking news, weather and.

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