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To you by shady ray's and evil dead rise, but will tell you about that later for now. Let's begin with what is and forever will be. The rope report. It's time for some news. We have 7 stories today. Does it? Starting with our number one FIFA is officially EA Sports FC, of course. We knew this earlier, but EA has put out a press release talking about the rebrand, going in depth in terms of what you can expect from EA Sports, FC, and when you can look forward to even more information about EA Sports. Let me stop you right there before we even get into this. All right, because I'm sure they're going to answer this. And I already think I know the answer in my head. Do you know what FC stands for? Football club. Do you know, do you think that that is a strong enough everybody that knows football soccer knows FC is football club and EA's FC equals yeah. And I think they're going to go hard enough in the marketing where you're going to understand what it is. I think that is a thing where already I think they're starting early. This is usually earlier than we get this kind of FIFA marketing or FIFA game marketing. And so I think they're starting early to get people acclimated to their transition. And I think the people that know football slash soccer understand what FC means, right? We have a lot of football teams having Epstein in their name. Ted Lasso team called, isn't that Richmond FC or some shit? Richmond, yep. All right, oh, no, it's AFC Richmond, which I think is like athletic football gotcha. But C is just as valuable as football club is. People get it. Yeah. Do you think with this? So jumping into the press release, it reads. Today, Electronic Arts unveiled a first glimpse of the interactive future of football with

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