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One of those unroll cuisine on on the cards. Some kempter case last year for most poles hold notes on hold on hold is in again this year and the same wrists is easier to win the race over fences. He's been looking not sir because he was going well. Last year mysteries Be by forest often trance. On's immediately pulled up. He didn't quite say three miles on grey to warrick when with beaten a neck by two for goals which is very good form Honesty went on to be served. As i said in the he was Yet third in the couches out the festival integrates strong events thought was. He's been disappointing. This season all three miles Absolutely convinced the Convinced more is one of those trucks where it you know. It's it's fundamentally a speed is jumper strength On styling only nolan very deep Sounds only circumstance by live from the day. I thought he was from the last there Connections after him only child on the three miles this season he was he was Well behind the people's up for the dog shawn's lee for semi We needed their own as well On he's shown a bit more than the end result. Intrude into since as a result of those statements Which are very good. Quality races New branches us that he was served to happy-go-lucky stuck at sheldon. Last time is dropped five pines in the west owner and forty two am student more. I wrote him not sign as long again. Tom a little a little confidence bullets. I don't know why but this is a it's a race. The the owners love to have run ridden. I won't mind that for by owned by the rockford's They they file a woman's race before Go closer than before. I don't want to force if for example two thousand eighteen. i think doesn't seventeen. They went very close to mr whittaker. Who went on to to winnow the gentleman festival Zoo it's always. It's always part of tron Mentioned this last year and he comes over. Fences sold talking back in trip on some. I always wanted to win this. And i think the ship assuming it's from the a well run. Rinse will susan mighty mi. Hopefully this price because his form season would would leave a little bit too fine volume time. I can tell you. What price is he is currently ten.

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