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Just creek. You sound like. I was in an old wooden ship and then i realized this thing you missing and that was a joshua tree yours. Yeah and I i mean with my bad knees. And i was like on the twentieth floor. I write down. Those stairs was out of that damn tower. no time i got no time for earthquake and i'm limited again. Live your your living living on the fault line shift. Quick because i to get a couple of things at you and me. We have lot common in this regard. Here's another uber. Fat who says short and sweet average married couple has sex fifty eight times per year. I'll go and respond. I fifty eight times per year. Just ain't happening for home at year. It's got to be a little bit more frequent but that's an average married couple. Can you job what that kevin eight times a year. So what is that. What does that three hundred fifty two days in a year. And that's man that's maybe wanting to say once a week basically once a week or throw penalty flag on their while. I mean you know if the average married couples only having section eight times a year that somebody got to be having a fair because they've got to begin some somewhere. I mean here average. Mary married couple. The dudes three and a half and she's to fifty eight. Much of an incentive. I think are married. I'm married up alive a little bit more active than You know me obese may may alamein. I'm never but i. I'm just a horny. Something bet show today. Dienstbier mandate have if my wife wanted to have sex daytime highs year. I had to do something about that. We'll say about so the unleash show. Kevin researchers found a huge decline inhabit as four years into a marriage. Why hello really actually took four years. It took you four years to figure it out. You screwed up. Wow i believe times. The with by current situation. Four years in i was happy as a lark still am. I can't say the same for the other and never said i was in but nonetheless. That's what researchers find now. Why would this happen. Kevin in your estimation your smart dude. I i always equated to the the new car smell wants. A new car smells gone. You know people just seem to you know just at. Its you know to me your relationship. i guess because i met my wife before i got into business. We've been together like so like when you meet somebody now. They meet stone cold or they need. You know big sexy. They don't meet us. you know they. It's already a preconceived person that they've seen on television. Got some idea of where my wife fell in love with a muscle headed bouncer of july. So she gets kudos for for falling in love with the broke the but explain the four year dip once that like you said new car smell and the story guitar smell. I think you know. I can work and i just i also don't think humans monogamous. Well i think that there's lars part of it that humans aren't monogamous. Spend a bunch of guys. And and i can. I can vouch for myself back in my younger days. I could have been wayball monogamous. Then then i was but said i mean and then also i think a lot of cats just end up because getting married sounds like a great thing to do or it is the thing to do and so a jump into it then all of a sudden you know maybe there was that decline for years later so the fact is in the correct. Sometimes people make bad decisions. Let's move on kevin. There is a child genius. Who decided to drop out of college and working mcdonalds. Because he felt being labeled a genius was a burden Hope he's smart enough to move to seattle were were marijuana's legal and if he does work else minimum wages fifteen bucks so i hope you hope he thought that baby out kevin. Did you know scrape from factual. You can correct me. if you're wrong you probably have. A lot of knowledge innis department but according to the fact it's possible to pass gas without making noise. If you remove the hairs renier amos. Let's i i let me let me. Just tell you right now that that will be my science project. Because i go get waxed on thursday who get whacks for magic mike. I got to tell my ass. Looks like paint walls.

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