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If you are headed to the Cape or already there, you're seeing some cloud cover today and high Ennis, although that's keeping it cooler. 84 still in high innocent That's one of the cooler places other than Nantucket, where it's about 77 degrees. We do have a nice little breeze out of the south Southwest along the coast today, that's nice, kicking up to about 40 miles an hour. And then like places like Norwood It was 90 degrees about an hour ago remaining at 90 degrees. We're seeing some areas just outside of Boston north, every that area and really just outside of Logan Airport. We're seeing 91 92. So getting hot again, it feels hotter with the high dew point and high humidity. That heat advisory remains in effect through eight o'clock tonight. Let's get Mohr from Dean DeVore. It looks like it is going to be hot and humid one more day before some relief coming with the chance of some thunderstorms growing with part of that relief, headed our way with some lower humidity air by later the sampling this evening from the north, so ahead of that temperatures, lower nineties city and inland mid upper eighties of the beaches. And then mainly cloud. He's still kind of sticky tonight, down with 73 tomorrow and again on Friday. I think not this warm, not his human loaded mid eighties for tomorrow and then I think by Friday Saturday, even Sunday, we're seasonably warm. Not that human upper seventies nearthe water, too. Low eighties inland. Looks like a nice weekend on the way I thank you for the meteorologist beamed aboard. W B Z. Boston's NewsRadio has one more day and night of this, and then it gets better. All right. The forecast was brought to you by Toyota. Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com Dune into W. B Z at 705 A. M, 12 35 and 5:35 p.m. For tomorrow's technology today..

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