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Jesus is the prince of peace because he's lying in wait do bring the fullness of himself to earth that he can be the king of the earth again here's the issue is long as we are kings on the earth he cannot be the king of the earth because we're the representation of the kings of the earth so what happens is that makes him prince if in order for a prince has to wait for the king to be removed once the king is removed the prince has the right to take the throne as a cane so when he's referred as the prince of peace that means there's a king ruling somewhere that he's ready to take over if the king is removed or as allowed this kingdom come in annika's a king allowed in but a king is removed from particular rulership because i again i don't have time to break down what god is actually ton on earth because he's given us the earth steward the earth and in order to stewart maintain the image and likeness of him you have to be a king and the glory a king here's what it is people input in the context of not being confused with kings on earth more than it is exchange wealth with other kings when the queen is she became king solomon she brought the wealth and she wants to know if this cannot give another king we should with hilarity be so powerful in this this round called earth that we should be bringing the treasury room to out give each other that you wanna see how much abundance that this principles of the kingdom in the domain that you rule over we should be able to exchange we should have wealth wars not poverty wars where we're trying to break poverty but we are so abundantly blessed by the principles of the kingdom because we take into minion over a domain that god gave us to rule on that i should from the business mountain come to the medium i'm going to bring all the wealth i got i don't wanna see if the king of media king can actually out give the kingdom of business it's not that there's too you can have two kings same territory there representing two kings from to.

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