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The city but otherwise it's comfortably cool night partly cloudy got to fifty seven in mid town low fifties in the suburbs and tomorrow we'll see increasing cloudiness but overall it's a pretty good day slightly warmer than today was with the high seventy three in mid town that we'll see clouds at a couple of showers around tomorrow night will be sixty three in mid to the stretch of warmer more humid weather will start on Wednesday we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine to be a couple of showers and a thunderstorm around especially through the afternoon and evening I will be eighty two to eighty six around the city even warmer northwest perhaps ninety in parts of New Jersey we stay warm humid day through at least Saturday before we cool off again it's sixty eight in mid town now have mostly cloudy skies gonna shower east to start otherwise partly cloudy and going down to fifty seven mid town tonight more than just a headline this is WCBS newsradio eight eighty a curfew goes into effect for New York City tonight starting at eleven PM a massive protests that began in Times Square over the death of George Floyd has now headed to downtown Manhattan we'll take you there live president trump says if governors don't take his recommendation to deploy the National Guard to the streets they'll send in the military sixty eight degrees it's still sunny right now in Manhattan on this Monday June first good evening I'm Linda Lopez W. CBS news time is seven thirty one protesters are out again tonight through out the city demanding justice after the death of George Floyd our reporter Steve burns is in the middle of Chelsea in the middle of it all what are you seeing out there Steve.

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