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Text in nation you're destination for gadgets in gear i'm very efficient dyson has added wi fi to its new pure hot and cool link air purifier it features the bladeless fan technology dyson has become known for a heater that led to focus the heat on either wide or a narrow areas and a half a filter to clean the air and with a connection to wifi design engineer juliane bug says it let you check airquality through the dice a nap and gives you voice control with amazon's alexa economic it to turn on an increase the temperature increase found be you can also get food temperature in your room the equity in urine take keeps you uptodate feedback and more the versatility is amazing blood like other dyson products top of the line engineering carries a top of the line price tag you can find more at thyssen dot com you can find us at text the nation dot com i'm it viskhan now this we've been telling you about the great products and great people at sea crane for years and the lineup just keeps getting better the c c wifi radio was a personal favorite that let you tune in to radio stations from all around the world via the internet more than sixteen thousand at all when the weather turns nasty the c c lantern will light the way with led bulbs and never run out of power you can charge it up for many usb source or the twelve old suck at your car or you can simply grabbed the hand crank on top and wind.

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