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The sharks our own foreign of signed forty year old all time leading scorer Patrick Marleau Josh less newsradio seven eighty one if I put on offense WBBM news time seventeen traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by and co transmissions and total car care is built around if you do your best thinking about life going about fourteen miles an hour through the southwest suburbs than man do we have the road for you Chris hopper mill spot here mobile seven eighty to contemplate things as you sit there northbound tristate is parked before the cal sag channel right around Crawford all the way up the path by fifty five just barely moving people slowing to avoid an incident right lane is blocked there whether trying to recover a steel coil a drop to the roadway and and the bond spooled so everything that is a potential alternatives extra heavy including route eighty three lagrange road I fifty five if you get on from my fifty five that ramp will get you past the rack now once you get on the tri state north of there north to the Bensenville bridge into the sun Irving park the Lawrence will greet you stop I want wanted one thirty seven have stayed on the Deerfield approaching ninety with the newest all in one of the centre lanes there so heads up Chris hopper mills body or mobile seven instrumental ways the Reagan he's gonna crash on the right shoulder piece road that's the dekalb back to the new heavy route eighty three of the tri state with a crash on the shoulders well I eighty eastbound jammed from hole to Richard's three separate crashes at least one lane is blocked on the eastbound side of I eighty on the westbound side your heavy with gate purse from breaks to Richard Stevenson bound twenty four minutes from lake cook twenty six out to lake cook road Kennedy about fifty three from her twenty six and from the junction the locals twenty two in the express lanes seventeen Montrose thirty three a tool here eyes now we're about an hour from out three ninety forty three for mankind forty six out of route three ninety Stevenson about our ten three fifty five the lake shore drive forty four from the tristate forty seven out of three fifty five the Dan Ryan and downed earliest on the express lanes in the Stevenson is now clear thirty three minutes from ninety fifth fifty seven about also thirty three from eighty to bishop for twenty eight minutes a ninety four the Dan Ryan no outbound lays on the south side expressways lake shore drive north on heavy from the Stevenson a Jackson the south Atlanta drive starts about a month raise up run North Avenue so far aside from the calamity on the trace in those couple dishes on the Reagan standard lays on the rest the only tollways and no problems in northwest Indiana traffic sponsored by and co transmissions and total car care offering up to twelve months interest free payment plans and their schools a power train systems check this research AMC for location near you that Sam Cooke transmissions and a whole lot more get traffic and weather together on the it's every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one if I point out if I'm going out the urban eats who over eats delivery service driver analyzed uber thief.

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