Nixon, Barack Obama, President Trump discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show


Uh nixon didn't happen overnight there was a little bit of a lead in he came in and he saw an opening and his own character it took it this way it's the same thing with president obama i ain't people to think you know i have my brother they goes he goes do you really think president obama was that bad a president ice frankly i do only because i think he was so arrogant um you know jonathan gruber i think was a reflection of barack obama this elitist arrogance that said you know we know better uh he got caught up in his own echo chamber and you know thought that hey look at the american people are so stupid that they need to be told what to do and so um he's got a pan he's gotta he's got a phone hey the heck were the constitution the heck of a you know with all the consequence that it would have in violating the constitution hey we're just gonna move forward and look at all the landmines he left for this next president well the primary candidate in this last election called of call the group of a huge block of voters deplorable the thinking with their yes like that public that if you don't think that's how they feel mm i guess you haven't paid attention pre one and the thing the shocking irony of all that is what did they say about mitt romney winger jimmy carter's grandson caught that uh that statement that he made about uh you know the voter politiken in bifurcating them in in in referring to their value of mandate went absolutely nuts but you know with hillary now you know a i i don't even know why we bring it up we double doublestandard we just like pointing out the obvious right twenty nine minutes after the top.

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