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Trying to capitalize on Corona Samia with a campaign called Second Summer. Aiming to keep visitors around into mid October. It's a crawl to the finish line for struggling Cape Restaurants like Boo Villas in province town there were slammed by the virus and a halt to work visas are gross income is almost up to 50%. Of what it was in our payroll is maybe down. 10%, the owner of the Lobster Trap. Inborn is hoping Sonny evenings will keep his outdoor seating packed past Labor Day and through October this year isn't going to be a record breaker, but it wasn't his Disastrous as we had forecasted. What happens Come winter is anyone's guess. New restaurants or restaurants that were already struggling, aren't going to be here next year. The co owners of the Orleans in say, their phones have been ringing off the hook lately as they attract more locals from Boston, New York and New Jersey. White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the economy is well on its way to recovery. This's just in four months. We're more than halfway back from where we started in a terrible pandemic. But Kudlow told Fox News Thie unemployment drop has been widespread, including in minority populations, as well as among those without college degrees. His comments come after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Ly people at the top are seeing a recovery while those in the middle and below are seeing things get worse. Massachusetts reports of fourth case of Triple E this season the latest cases a woman in her sixties who was exposed to the disease in Plymouth County. As a result, the risk level in the town of Plymouth has been raised to high. There are now four communities in the state at critical risk 10 at high risk an 18 at moderate risk. Last year, there were 12 human cases in Massachusetts and six people died. Coming up after traffic and weather together. A soldier is laid to rest in Brockton. But first it's 2 33, and that means it's time for traffic and weather together with David, said Caroni. What's going on news present on the lower end of 93 that earlier motorcycle crash that left a motorcycle crash after 28 in Randolph that has cleared so it's starting to let up a bit, but you're still all the way back from the split for 95. That's going well between where him and the pike route 24 self on your slow from the top, down to the horse bridge and again before and after Harrison Boulevard Expressway. South bound still bit heavy Furnace Brook Parkway through the split expressway North bound you stop ago from after nippon, Sit right up through the O'Neill, Capeside 25 eastbound back about a mile up the born for 95 Like I said, looking good Mid Cape Highway. That's okay. We'll just let that slow down at the eastbound side on the south Dentist Lane. Drop up north upper into 1 28 North bound. Stop a girl from the cloverleaf to Main Street and Wakefield won 28 cell found slow before and after 28 reading. 95 93 Andrew three, all looking good right to the New Hampshire State line and back for 95. North bound has really cleared up. Not bad. Now, just little getting by with 1 13 in Haven through one North, you sluggish route 62 Walnut Street in Saugus, oneself founds fine out west the pike both ways. Moderate volume out the Sturbridge back to Boston for 95 to 90 are clear, David said Ronnie to BBC's traffic on the threes. Thanks David For the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic.

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