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West Moore, Freddie Gray., Officer discussed on Fresh Air



Funding Schools Food Pantries and shelter in New York City and other cities. He's also the author of the bestseller. The other wes Moore about a man who grew up a few blocks away from west, more with the same name in similar circumstances, but the other wes. Moore is serving a life sentence for murder. My guest West Moore says that fate could have been his. We recorded the interview yesterday today. The Minnesota Attorney General's office announced there would be additional charges for officers in the George Floyd case, but as I record this, the specific charges have not been announced. So as you've said. The unrest quieted down. Protests were canceled after the state prosecutor said that. She would take action and that these these officers would be held accountable. There were six officers involved with the arrest and a Freddie Gray. three retried. There were no convictions. The charges were dropped against the other three. How did we get from? They will be held accountable to. There were no convictions. I think this is. This is always been one of the You know one of the big debate that's taking place and frankly I. think slumping that bad attorney general ellison is is probably thinking through when it comes to how to determine. The fate of of noxious offer potentially the these other officers as well is. How do you come up with charges that that are not going to be deemed? Is Quote Unquote overcharging? Because that that has always been part of a conversation part of a debate around what happened with Freddie Gray, where where where when Cerny Moesby put together the charging list of of the of the items to include debris, depraved heart murder the question for some people was. Could you actually get a conviction with the evidence that you had on that charge, or should you have gone for? For a lower charge, and it's a very delicate balance. Right because I think one thing. We're even seeing in Minnesota right now. Part of the argument part of the protest is that the initial charges that were made against the officer of third degree murder and second degree manslaughter part of the argument and part of the of the The the anger is fueling is they're saying that's that's undercharging..

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