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And welcome back our final segment George nori back with you along with Scott Michaels and Mike Dorsey as we talk about their work the dearly departed podcast how did you get that name you to. I think it came from my company yeah it was that yeah I've started dearly departed towards fifteen years ago actually I started using the name about twenty years ago when I started selling sort of tombstone based memorabilia and and it just sort of morphed into that one our first two documentaries are called dearly departed volume one and two and and we just kind of went with it why are people so fascinated with celebrity deaths Scott. it's a way to hang on to them I really do think so it it's it's also you know biographies exist I always went straight to the end of them personally because I think that's the interesting but it's just another aspect is the historic aspect though you know you can go to twenty homes were Frank Sinatra lives but where he died that's for history happens and you can actually place a place in the physical place and and so I graveyards are so popular to as celebrities very Sinatra's last words I'm losing. was it wasn't it yeah yeah yeah that that's so odd when those sorts of things happen. really does. did you have you ever covered like the bizarre deaths like Johnny Roselli or people like that. wait while the ones that we we cover our short of the most bizarre in it within Hollywood I'm and I'm not too familiar with the one that you mentioned but but we do try to uncover the ones that are really interesting for instance there's a there's a gentleman this this is one of my one of our documentaries to this man was Robert lease rallies with a screen writer he did that having Costello meet Frankenstein and he did that land of the giants and is his wife who passed away of cancer he was blacklisted during the McCarthy era it was a week after his ninetieth birthday when a guy who was who was jacked up on crystal meth walked into his house and this is this quite gruesome but grabbed a kitchen knife and and took Robert Lee's head off as he was sleeping and took the head and crossed the back fence and left they had neighbors bad and kill the neighbor the fireplace poker and took off in the neighbor's Mercedes and the next day he was arrested trying to break into paramount studios so you know those are the kinds of stories we gravitate towards because they're so outrageous they're so ridiculous and and just it's are you couldn't make it up a great thing screenwriters trying to make stories like that and. no you're right you're right about that let's take some final calls here will go to Mike in Colorado to get us started Michael go ahead. good evening gentlemen thank you so much for taking my call. a question for you guys I really enjoyed the show tonight on the first of which being want to ask you about the Holmby hills home that Michael Jackson and died in the house it's been rumored to be haunted by many people and there's been lots of signs of ghosts and also I wanted to get your guys his take on the Natalie wood death with Robert Blake and thanks for taking my call George okay you're very welcome okay first of all the Michael Jackson Hole. he died on reduction symbol of our terror wouldn't he was renting the houses in Christian on is a it was the owner of the house and Jackson was paying a hundred thousand dollars a month ranchers mourn he has a huge mansion in a in a prime spot yeah right on Sunset Boulevard so you know as far as if there is any Jackson haunting over there it would probably if he is dead and he probably effectively to go to that little weirdo sort of conspiracy theory but but you know if the if he is that I can understand why he might hang around there because it was quick it was it was very sudden unexpected and and I think he might be a very confused individual so it wouldn't surprise me if he was spilling into the lingering around in that house the Natalie wood situation anybody follow that. sure yeah that you have always taken yeah it's right up our alley now I I do think that if manly would. I think the only thing in may of maliciously happened that night personally is that may be somebody didn't call the police maybe somebody said oh controversial shut up now and she just took off because it was a messy boozy nights and they were fighting and and it was just it sounds like a nightmare really to ban on there. now Natalie wood was afraid of the water however she on a on a yacht and they went on a a lot so it wasn't like she was petrified to be in the water but there are a lot of questions about surrounding the details but I do think you if if there was anyone with guilty of anything I personally think it would have been negligence let's stop let's go to Jersey dug in New Jersey Hey Douglas go ahead. the gentleman's got a very very the show and once again George it's great to speak with you thank you always very curious about either in the Torah or in the book do you will go to or speak about maybe like were very carmine met his Phil Hartman met his tragic death this of what his wife with the shooting it was five or Phil Spector's house where he took the life of that actress or Vic Morrow where he died on the set for the twilight zone along with the child's helicopter accident right right and the chateau Marmont were Joe Belushi had actually died. any of those cases got a burglar three word Belushi died at the chateau Marmont is is definitely on the tour Phil specter was murdered Lana Clarkson and in el hambre which is about at about thirty miles from here now the big moral thing is condominiums now I believe that you knew was a motorcycle dirt bike racing park at the time when they films as well as a movie there and victim the two young actors were killed in a helicopter accident that's now a condominium park I think and the last one but that's not the bathroom they don't what was your last one Jersey all I got was about Phil Spector heart mania filler the other one who that happened in Encino we did have an anniversary dinner there on the anniversary of souls that we do that occasionally not celebrating it's our it's our way of acknowledging so people are not for god and we did a little candlelight walk over to to the house we had dinner tobacco where we're prints were bring had margaritas that night but but yeah it was it's our way we do that occasionally like we do on the anniversary of the Tate murders we go to the restaurant and and take a walk up to the to the house where the house was it's just that I don't know it's been a tradition that we do is going to be eighty years old in December and he still incarcerated yeah I don't think he'll be getting out. and Scott and I went out to his house for one of our docs whatever document three years ago in a minute called I think it's called the priorities castle meaning that really is what it's like it's like a giant castle on top of a hill surrounded by it's like something in you know maybe we'll times almost is surrounded by a bunch of small little house and then there's this giant mansion you know surrounded by a wall top of this mountain almost it's a really strange place. next up let's go to Joseph in San Diego California hijos of. German thank you so much for taking my call shores I am trying one of three short questions one was the of Courtney Love Kurt Cobain situation you think that maybe Kourtney might have just gone off and shot in a rage and had a bye Louis Louis Lamont. that was one question and then did it did Arnold to go to Brian Jones and make Jagger that the fighting did make have Ryan killed that night all. and then. don't you questions and then I have one story right let's hold on for that let's see any one of you want to take a stab at those are questions yeah big big Kurt Cobain one of what I followed pretty closely and I know Nick Broomfield put a documentary out years ago called curtain Courtney which tried to push that you know the theory that Courtney Love had and had him killed and tried to hire somebody to do it and more recently somebody put a documentary alcon about that I I personally don't believe it I I believe he killed himself I don't know that. hello did much to stop it from happening or if she even could have but I I don't know I don't think I think that was a suicide. and it's got to maybe talk about. the other one one question in the end them out in this quick story the the what about the Jimi Hendrix you possibly may have been drugs like gang and ordered the wind down because you have wine all little room not just from vomiting but it could have been killed by air there's there's a theory that the ambulance people had something to do with that Monica I forget what her name was is his girlfriend at the time I I you know I'm usually the guy to go straight to the first the first you know the first explanation when the when the first responders or are there in their own reports say it just seems to be the easiest thing and and usually the most honest thing it's only in retrospect things change and and and the more the story sort of blow up but but the brain Jones thing is another one that it's it's curious because certainly Mick Jagger and Brian Jones had a a hugely rocky relationship and there's one theory that it was just a I missed work man who who had something to do with Brian Jones frowning and I think there's been at least one death bed confession so people don't like to go to the simplest explanation for the for when it comes to their to their heroes passing away and and I'm not saying it's unfounded I I usually just go for the first explanation June's Vienna story go ahead story in the and maybe have some reflection I heard a story was a was a Sir well I went to India for ten years I was it when India and I was talking to a gentleman who we also American we're to program which in India and he said that you're just story quite quite confident that Morrison wanted out there was no coroner's report he had a crip knowing to get into the gun and America's express sequence the India where you could get free meals for many vegetarian tell. only got out any probably died there he's probably dead now. but he said he he that he now he he had known people they had seen more sin in India well I don't know if that's true or not I'm gonna go with it but I hate the investigation in Paris and you know they didn't do an autopsy but they didn't have to because there wasn't anything really suspicious about is that if the French authorities did did perceive it through all the legal channels that they were supposed to and and it all seems like it was very you know in the dark of night and he was taken to a place and you know buried at night time and no one knows corpse but the people did people did see is body and and I I would like to think it's a great story to be a great ending it Marcin was alive but I I'm pretty confident that he's not I mean people just want to hang on to these.

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