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Prison guard jail garb they got into a waiting dark colored late 1980's model toyota corolla they ditch that car about three blocks away from the jail jumped into a u haul cargo truck this was a comprehensive plan this was well thought out so they're being prosecuted in connection with the armed robbery of a sunnyvale horizon stored february this mcleod guy is a potential threestriker so he face life in prison robbery with a gun and he's been charged with nine felonies altogether of the past a gas bevan's was facing a double digit prison sentence he had eight charges seven of which are felonies including hit and run so they reportedly escaped while being escorted by one of the sheriff's deputy from a basement holding sale as they were headed up to the courtroom so that apparently required either walking or taking an elevator from the basement to the ground floor they're not telling us as one of the other and then walking to a different elevator on the ground floor to go to court they escaped while they were on the ground floor but clough was in waste chains and leg irons where this happens bevan's was changed to other inmates but both managed to slip out of the restraints again the thought is they were using some you know some some kind of a device to uh that add that act is a key and somewhere along the light according to the sheriff's they connected some sort of distraction the deputy then gave chase and got on the radio is these guys were taken out the side sidedoor this are monitored so they ran out this side entrance that leads to burt street some of you know exactly what i'm talking about and then cry they and then then they cross grand avenue that's where the.

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