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My time. Oh, here we go. And I yield such time as she may consume. I think customer early one minute to the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. Gentlewoman is recognized for one happy birthday minute. Thank you very much. Ma'am speaker. I thank the gentleman for yielding. I thank him for his enthusiasm defense of the constitution of the United States. I rise to join my colleagues to uphold the constitution, and defend our democracy. Once again, the house in the Senate came together and great unity and bipartisanship to pass congressman Joaquin Castro's resolution to reject the president's lawless power grab yet the president chose to continue to defy the constitution, the congress and the will of the American people with a veto. At the moxie and revolution. And the war Thomas Paine wrote that that times have found us. Once again that times have found us to defend our democracy times have found us to restore the founders vision of balance of power checks and balances co equal branches of government and restore Congress's role as article one, the first branch article one the legislative branch and the times if found us to honor our us to support and defend the constitution and protect the American people. We all know that the heart of our constitution, the beauty of it all is that we have a system of checks and balances founders did not want a monarchy. That's what they had rejected. They wanted a democracy. Co equal branches of government to act as a check on each other. This congress of the United States acted to honor the constitution, our responsibility to protect and defend bypassing legislation in our procreation still showing how in a bipartisan way congress. Protect our borders. We understand our responsibility to do that. The take that responsibility lightly. We take it seriously. Even when the legislative even when the president disagreed with us. He should have accepted. The bipartisan bicameral decision to proceed. He had taken pride. Shutdown of government for about one month because he didn't get his way. On the border house speaker Nancy Pelosi live. After one month bipartisan. By camel action by the congress sent him a Bill just almost exactly like what he rejected in the first place, and he decided to reject Congress's, wisdom and congressmens acting with its authority to protect our borders in a serious effective values based way. So we don't take this vote here today lightly, even when the legislative branch disagrees with the executive we respect the office the president holes. Is right to veto legislation. But when does decisions violate the constitution, then we must be then that must be stopped many of our colleagues from across the aisle joined last month to defend our democracy, bypassing congressman Castro's privilege vote resolution that happened in the house that happened in the United States Senate, we call on all of our colleagues to simply show that same measure of respect for our constitution. Today. We take an oath to the constitution not to the president of the United States. We take an oath that. We must honor the choices simple between partisanship and patriotism between honoring our sacred oath or hypocritically inconsistently breaking that oath. I urge a strong bipartisan. Yes. To override this veto and yield back the balance at my plant members you reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities toward the president the gentleman reserves, the gentlemen, from Missouri. Madam speaker speaker? I need to point out that according to customs and border protection. There were more illegal drugs that were captured in between those ports of entry than they were at the ports of entry in two thousand twelve or eleven million. Pounds of illegal drugs that were seized inbetween again in between those ports of entry as opposed to four million pounds at those ports of entry. You know, this is exactly why the wall is needed. So that we funnel that illegal drug trafficking to those ports rather than in between those those ports of entry. And it's time that congress gave those individuals around the border risking their lives. To protect the United States. Give them the tools that they need and that is a border wall with that. I want to yield such time is he making soon the gentlemen from Alabama. Mr. Rogers, who's also lead Republican on the committee on homeland security, and that's Republican Sam graves recognized. Thank you, Madam speaker. I think chairman for the time today, I rise in strong, supportive. Securing our borders. There is a crisis at the southwest border. That can no longer be denied.

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